Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Heading Up North!

Ed and I got up early Monday morning and headed north to visit our dear friends, Bob and Betty Sheets. We met Bob and Betty when our son, Daniel, was dating their niece. Though Daniel and their niece broke up, our friendship with Bob and Betty has continued on. Thank you, Lord. And Daniel and their niece are still good friends, too. *grin* There are some people that you meet and you go on your way, but something just clicked with us and the Sheets. For one thing, we all love the Lord and He is first in our lives. Secondly, we love to laugh and play cards. We love our families. We just have alot in common.

Anywayyyyy, we arrived at Bob and Betty's and just had to go over and say hello to Sis. Whitt, Betty's mother, who lives in a small mobile home behind them. She is from Virginia and has this soft southern accent that I just love to hear.

Then we headed out for Amish country, specifically Berlin, Walnut Creek, Sugar Creek and Millersburg. We ate at the Dutch Valley Restaurant and it was delish! We then drove around the different little communities and shopped some. I didn't buy anything but Ed, Bob, and Betty bought candy! I'm not a sweet tooth like they are. Give me the bread and noodles please! *grin*

I told Ed, Bob and Betty that we are in the wrong business! We need to find something(s) to sell and tack Amish or Yoder on it and sell it for three prices! We'd be rich in no time! LOL Seriously though, these people are making a killing!! In the cheese place where we went, I was looking at the herbal teas and they wanted $3.99 for the same tea that we pay $ .99 cents for at Walmart! Egads!! Needless to say, I didn't buy anything there. I mean, the cheese is tasty but the price is ridiculous!

Bob took us on some backroads that were beautiful, even if it was raining. One of the roads was so backwoods, we thought Ed was going to have to get out and start stomping down brush so we could get through!!! LOL We finally made it out to a two-lane road and headed home and made it safely.

When we got back to Sparta, where the Sheets live, we settled in for our usual game of Euchre. Me and Betty against the boys. I am sad to say that Betty and I lost the three-game series. *sigh* It was one of those nights when we had to fight for every point. And, yes, the guys did rub it in pretty badly. Sheesh, but they do get carried away! (Not that Betty and I have ever been known to do that when we have won....:0)

Ed and I started the drive home at about 8pm. We had such a nice ride home. We just talked about our day and wanting to get home to see Rocky and Ellie, our dog and cat. As we neared Millersport, we noticed trees and branches down and knew that we must have just missed a pretty bad storm. Thankfully, we didn't have to drive in it. When we arrived home, we could tell that it had really stormed here, too.

Happy Independence Day to all of you. I am so thankful to be an American. I know that many people in the world hate us and there are those who think we are just a bunch of self-indulgent people. But I know in my heart that we are a country of brave, big-hearted people who has helped most every other country in this world at one time or another. I am proud to be an American.

P.S. The picture is of Bob and Betty....the short people *grin*.....and Ed. I am behind the camera! (My best angle! *smile*)


Theresa said...

The Sheets' are special folks!! But how could you be so close and not even call!!!! I could get offended! (yeah, right) Truly, I'm glad you had such a good time. It's always so much fun to go to Amish Country. I like going up to Kidron to Lehman's General Store.

Jewel said...

You know, I AM going to have to come and visit you sometime, Theresa! Seriously! And Bro. Bob did ask if we wanted to go to Lehman's but we were only there for the day so we could only do so much!

Theresa said...

If you have never been to Lehman's, you need to plan to spend a good part of the day. It's huge and there's soooo much to see!!!! Also, if you go on a Friday or Saturday, there is a Flea Market across the street at the Kidron Auction Yard. Just too much fun!

You can come see me whenever you chose. I have an open door policy for visitors. If you come, I'll open the door. lol

Jewel said...

Thank you for the "open door" invitation! I am going to surprise you one day!! I promise!! I will have to maybe talk Ed into taking me back to Amish country to visit Lehman's, hm?

Rebecca said...

I love the Sheets!! They are such sweet people!

apostolicpentecostlady said...

Ok....If anyone knows Amish country it is ME!!!!!!! I used to haul for them....and here is a little tid bit of info you probably didn't know....I have Amish heritage!!! My maiden name was Swartzentruber...My Aunt Anna used to give me buggy rides....It was sooo much fun! Now the real fun part is when you go to a reunion or wedding! Actually, I lied...the wedding is boring...they preach all day from early morn to early evening. An average wedding runs about 750 people. But the biggest wedding that I have ever attended was 2,000 people. All you could see was buggies more fields and fields....or also 15 passenger vans. The Swartzentruber is the strictest of Amish. They do not allow mirrors or bathtubs in the homes. They do not shave. They wear the straight brimmed hats. Black at that...no straw! LOL Like Sis. Hines mentioned there are some wonderful places in Kidron....but if you should ever go for a weekend...let me know I will hook you up with true Amish that will give you tours...It's pretty cool!
Well, enough about all of that! lol
Take care and God Bless!
Jana Dolan

Jewel said...

Becky...yes, we think they are sweet, too....we've been friends from the first time we met!

Hey Jana....thanks for stopping by! Wow, that sounds so interesting...being of amish heritage. And I will take you up on the offer of hooking us up with some genuine amish people next time we go up!! See you camp!