Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ellie the Cat

I was sitting at my computer Tuesday evening and Ellie came sneaking up through the side compartment of my desk here like she used to when she was a kitten and she proceeded to climb all the way to the top! I don't know if she thought she saw a bug or what, but she hasn't done this for a loooong time. When she was a just a kitten, she used to climb up, lay down in front of the monitor and sleep while I was on the computer. She's wayyyyy too big for that now! She still hasn't made friends with Rocky, but if she is ever going to be friends with a dog, it will be him, because he doesn't chase her or growl at her. We let her out on the front porch the other evening, then let Rocky on and shut the gate. Ellie did her usual spatting and hissing but Rocky just wagged his tail and sniffed at her and nudged her with his nose. One morning, when I was feeding Rocky on the back porch, I left the back door open and Ellie came to the doorway. She and Rocky actually touched noses that morning, so there is hope of a deeper friendship developing here, I think! *smile*


Sandy said...

Love the picture of your kitty! Hopefully her and Rocky will become buddies!

Theresa said...

I hope she and Rocky become friends. It's so much fun when you have a cat and dog that play well together.

Even if I didn't have allergies to cats, we could never think of having one with Sparky because he thinks all cats are meals.

Jewel said...

Sandy...well, they are on their way I think but they are going very slowly...because of Ellie, the cat. I think, if given the chance, Rocky,the dog, would just lick her all over! LOL

Theresa....yes, I see all of these cute pictures of dogs and cats sleeping together and so on and I guess I kinda of want Rocky and Ellie to be like that. We'll see! and, yes, I know just what you mean about kitty meals. That is definitely what our former dog, Bearly, would have made of Ellie, if she had ever gotten hold of her!