Saturday, July 01, 2006

Saturday Evening In the Valley

What is it about beautiful, summer weather that makes a person not want to post so much? I've noticed it on most of the blogs that I read: that most everyone has slowed down on posting, except for Donnie and Theresa. I was a posting fool there for awhile but have REALLY slowed down here of late (hm, Pat? *grin*)
I went to Ohio Apostolic Camp last night for the first time this year!! It was awesome! This week was Jr. High camp. I was very impressed with the crowd that was there last night. The tabernacle was almost full! The music and worship was absolutely wonderful and Bro. Joki preached an awesome message: "Don't Let the Voices Prevail" Afterward, I went to the dining hall and visited with so many people I hadn't seen for a long time and I had an Italian Sub with all the fixin's. They are the best!
Before going to camp, I did my sister Debbie's monthly banking, errands, and shopping because she has been really sick all week. I am so happy to tell you that today she is much, much better, almost completely well.....thank you, Jesus. I also had to go to the bank and the pharmacy before heading to camp. I ended up being about a half hour late to camp but it was still so awesome to worship and hear the wonderful word of the Lord and to see so many friends! There is nothing like camp!
I had to take some young people home last night, so I didn't get home until after midnight. I awoke this morning to the sound of my friend Pat's voice. I forgot that she was coming down to get her hair done this morning!
After doing her hair, I made my bed, got myself ready to meet the day and crocheted on my afghan for awhile. Ed went outside and started mowing the grass for the weekend. About 1pm, we went to the church and Ed helped me finish decorating my classroom for VBS. My room is the music room...imagine that! I have big musical notes all over the walls. I have a long knitted scarf that my friend Pam made for me several years ago and I put it on one of the walls. Ed strung metallic gold and silver musical note garland across the room. The gold is strung from one corner to the other;the silver is strung in the opposite direction. I have lighthouses sitting in the windows and on the one shelf. I did the big bulletin board....oh, you know what? How about if I take some pictures and just post them here? *feeble grin* That would be easier, hm??? Our theme is "Lighthouse Kids: Shining God's Light" It is so neat! I am really looking forward to it starting tomorrow morning! We are doing something a little different this year. We are having VBS on Sunday morning only for the next two months which means our big finale will be on Labor Day Weekend. I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow.
We are having our annual July 4th church picnic tomorrow evening at 5pm, which will make it our annual July 2nd church picnic!! I just have to be a mouth! *grin* I think I am going to fix chicken and noodles and a scrumptious trifle dessert that my friend Tammy passed along to me a couple of years ago. It is supposed to be realllyyyyy hot tomorrow but hopefully there will be a nice breeze like there has been today!
Here is the trifle dessert recipe:
1 box of Little Debbie brownies (not the iced ones but the plain ones that are shaped like twinkies. I have made my own brownies and used them but I don;t want to fire up the oven in this warm weather, so these are a nice substitute)
2 boxes of white chocolate instant pudding (make each box of pudding with just 1 cup of milk instead of 2)
2 boxes of chocolate instant pudding (make each box of pudding with just 1 cup of milk instead of 2)
1 container of cool whip
1 Butterfinger candy bar crushed
Break up and crumble half of the brownies into the trifle dish. Top with half of the white chocolate and chocolate pudding. Top this with half of the Cool Whip. Sprinkle half of the crushed candy bar on top of the Cool Whip. Repeat the layering, again topping off the dessert with the Cool Whip and crushed candy bar. Refrigerate for at least an hour before serving. Chopped pecans or pecan pieces can be added and sprinkled on top of the cool whip, too.
I hope all of you are having a great holiday weekend!!


Theresa said...

The recipe for the trifle sounds really yummy! Hope you all had a great time at your celebration. Our church (those that are able) are getting together on Tuesday for a Family Fun Day. I still haven't decided what to take.

The VBS idea sounds interesting. Does each teacher do a different theme?

Steph said...

Your church sounds great, and so does the recipe!
My church out here is so big that we've lost the "family" feel and never have church picnics. ! wish we did.

Jewel said...

Theresa, the dessert is sooo easy to fix, too! I hope you try it! And yes, each teacher does the same thing in her room. For instance, I will always do music in my room. Another teacher will do the crafts. Another teacher does reflection time. Another teacher does games. And each teach has 3 or 4 helpers. The children go from room to room, which they love! It was so much fun! It is a nice change from the Sunday School format.

Steph, thanks for stopping by! We do have a wonderful church family and I am so thankful for it. We have difficulties from time to time but we work through them with the help of the Lord and continue on. Our attendance is near 100 and we are steadily growing. I attended a much larger church about 7 years ago and I do understand what you are saying, but they still had an annual church picnic! We carried in, believe it or not and it actually went pretty smoothly!