Wednesday, July 11, 2007

You wouldn't believe me even if.......

.....I told you the whole sordid story. Well, okay, "sordid" might be a bit strong. But it was baaaadddd. *sighhhhh* I'm talking about the day I had yesterday. Oh my word.......unbelievable. Although I did live to tell about but I'm choosing not to tell about it.....well, at least not today because I am still too tired and rung out to even begin to tell about it. But let me say this, at least: It started out as a rather ordinary day. I had my plans made, my time allotted for the things I needed to do, having given myself plenty of time to accomplish the things I needed to. BUT, all of this was before I joined my young friend and sister-in-the-Lord! Yes, the same young friend and sister-in-the-Lord that I took the CAAHHRRRAAAZZZYYYY car trip to Dayton with! The SAME young friend and sistah-in-the-Lord that I flew to Maine with! When will I ever learn???? Anywayyyyy......I may tell you more about my day yesterday tomorrow (does that make sense?!?!?) BUT today I am just not up to it,k? But I am trying my best to post more often for my faithful readers.......(((HUGS TO YOU!!))) I'll be back! :-)

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