Monday, July 23, 2007

To stay or not to stay?

That is the question. Oh, I'm talking about going and staying at family camp. *sigh* A part of me really wants to. It is so nice to stay because I can truly relax, have three meals a day prepared for me, visit and relax with friends, enjoy the morning service, relax and nap in the afternoon after lunch, I'm already THERE for the fantastic evening services and afterward, I can just head over to the dorm or my room and go to bed. Only this year I am remembering to take my earplugs because lights out is not until midnight and sometimes I just want to go to sleep early, you know? And if I don't stay, it will mean I have to drive to camp each night or ride with someone and then make the trip home. I won't be able to come up for the morning service which is usually really good! BUT, I don't like being away from Ed for five days and Ellie and Rocky. I know that Ed prefers for me to be here at home but I also know that he really doesn't mind if I go, either. This will probably be a spur-of-the-moment decision. What to do, what to do! Decisions like these used to be so easy for me to make! Is it my age and physical limitations that are causing this indecision?


Jana Dolan said...

Ohh you should definitely stay...we can even drum up a game of Euchre during down time!

Aidan said...

Stay you will reject it if you go, it is a fantastic oppurtunity and its only a few more days to go!

Its sweet you miss ED and the family after a couple of days though!

I miss Stace like crazy when we are a apart i can never sleep quite as well without the snoring the cold feet and the kicking:)

Jewel said...

Hi Jana! Yes, you will be there, won't you? See? There will be so many friends there for me to see and visit with!
Well, Aidan, I actually think Ed sleeps better when he has the bed to himself, though I sleep better with HIM! *smile*
I'm still pondering....