Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More about our trip to Maine!

I told you somewhat about my and Stacy's trip to Maine here. Now for some more of the little details. :-/
Stacy is 25. She has flown before. One other time I believe. Wellllllll......she was just soooooo spazzzzing out this time for some reason. For one thing, it was raining the morning we departed Dayton, so there was quite a bit of turbulence than what she had experienced previously. She kept asking me if we were safe. "Yes, Stacy, we are safe."
"Are you scared at all?", she asked me repeatedly.
"No, I'm not frightened at all. We are safe. Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight." Right. It was not to be. I mean, we are talking near to hyper-ventilating here, where Stacy was concerned, that is. I just couldn't believe it! Why me, Lord? And we were on a smaller plane than what she had flown on previously, so that made a bit of a difference, too, for her, anyway. Sooooooo, when the plane would make a noise or jostle around a bit, she would get this terrified look on her face and ask me or someone sitting near us or the stewardess, er, uh, excuse me.....I mean, flight attendant.....if we were safe. After awhile, it kinda started getting to me. Oh, I wasn't afraid, but I just couldn't understand her fear. I mean, she had told me that she had flown before and was fine with it. Mmmhmmm, right. Why does this stuff only happen to me? So on the second leg of our flight, from Detroit to Bangor, she kept asking the gentleman seated across the aisle from her if it was normal for the plane to make "those noises" and to jostle about like it was doing occasionally to which he replied yes. She asked our flight attendant a few times if everything was normal. Oh, and I forgot to tell you this: When we were getting ready to depart Detroit, one of our pilots came on the intercom to tell us that "something funky" had happened with one of the engines, so they had to shut the plane down and do a restart. Well, wasn't that just great??? I'm telling you, the girl started to hyperventilate. I got out the little barf bag. She was ready to bolt! But I prayed. Ohhhh, did I pray. And a couple of the other passengers talked to her and she finally calmed down and our flight took off as planned without incident. (thank you, Lord) You see, I wanted to go to Maine, but I was mostly going because Stacy wanted to go, knew she was going to have to fly and didn't want to go by herself. I had no idea that I was going to have to contend with this all the way there and back. Soooo, I thought the trip home would be better, seeing as how we had gotten there safely and in one piece, but nooooooooooo. Before we left for the airport for our return trip home, she was starting to get all jittery again and I thought: "I can't take this again. Please, Lord." Well, again, it was raining and there was thunder and lightning as we departed Bangor on Thursday afternoon and the trip to Detroit was rough BUT we survived and I kept Stacy intact emotionally. Again, we had a very undertstanding flight attendant who helped me in keeping Stacy somewhat calm. So we have a three-hour layover in Detroit, so by the time we leave there it is dark. She had asked me on our previous flights, "Can they see where they are going?" *sigh* I told her that they didn't need to SEE where they were going. They had instruments and the control tower personnel to keep them on course. I thought to myself, "Surely she doesn't think they won't be able to SEE where they are going because it is dark?" (help me, Lord.) Now, I don't know what difference the darkness made, but the girl got settled in, she was by the window, and slept the whole way to Dayton, which was only a 35 minute flight. But she said the darkness helped her for some reason. Sooooo, from now on, she is only going to fly at night. Go figure. All in all, we did have a great time. But it did get a bit tense a few times as I endeavored to reassure her and calm her. Will I travel with this young lady again? Well, if I've ever learned one thing in this life it is: Never say never. :-)


Theresa said...

Jewel, be VERY glad that you were flying with Stacy and not me!!!

I don't know if you remember the A-Team??? You know how Mr. T's character, B A Baracus, was afraid of flying??? Well, yeah, that would be me!!! The WonderHusband has threatened to drug me so that we can take long trips without driving!

Tony said...

Jewel, That is what Xanax and adavan is made for, or you could have just smaked her.

Becky and I were on the other end of the phone the first time Stacy flew. What a SPAZ!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Now....I think all in all I remained pretty forgot the part about the one pilot fighting to take his bag in with him, and I thought he was plotting to blow up the plane....Oh, and the part where I came up with the theory on the flight from dayton to bangor....5 People went to the bathroom, and I kept thinking that each person was taking a piece of a bomb to the potty room, and the last person would essemble, and detonate!!! What a weirdo!!! lol....It was fun though..


Jewel said...

I'm just glad it is over and that I survived. *feeble grin* We did have a wonderful time, in spite everything!
Oh, and I didn't have any of those drugs available, Tony. But if I had and if I HAD taken them I probably would have slept the whole time I was in Maine! *smile*

Jewel said...

Well, Theresa, now I know not to fly with you anywhere,hm? I do understand, though, that we are all different and have our own personal fears and phobias that we must contend with. (I'm still not gonna fly with ya, though! LOL)