Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday, Monday!

Well, here I am on the other side of another weekend, ready to start a new 7-day stretch! *smile* I've been doing my normal Monday and morning routine tasks: changing my bed, laundry, feeding the animals (including Ed) *grin, touching up the bathrooms and so on. I read a quote recently about finding happiness and contentment in doing the necessary, daily tasks and I can say that I've reached that place and it is good. ~~~~~~~~~~
Daniel and Erin were at church with us last night. She looked absolutely beautiful! I wish I'd had my camera with me! Daniel played the drums and was just awesome! I cannot believe how much his playing helps MY playing on the keyboards. I feel so strengthened and I swear I play sooo much better when he "drums" with me. Of course, I realize that we have the mother/son connection, too. Daniel plays the drums with such annointing and he is such a worshipper. Needless to say, I am so proud of him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Bethany and little NATHEN (read the comments section of this post! *grin*) got to go home late Saturday afternoon. Now, mind you, she just gave birth to the little guy 24 hours previous to this! I just can't believe how soon they let them go home! We can only pray that there are no complications and there haven't been, thank you, precious Jesus, except for the little guy having his days and nights mixed up already! (Welcome to parenthood, Drew and Beth! *smile*) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Well, I need to be about my day here. I have dishes to do and then it is off to visit a friend from church who had hip-replacement surgery. She is home and recovering and in need of some company. (I hope I'll do......*grin*) Then it is off to do my swimming and water exercises. Then it is back home to rest a bit and get ready to go out with the girls (sisters and sisters-in-law) for my sister Bev's birthday dinner this evening. ~~~~~~~~~~


Bethany said...

Hey aunt jewel! We're doing great. I feel actually really, really good for just giving birth and Nathen's doing wonderful too! I love being a mommy! Lastnight he actually slept from 9:30-3 am and then woke up, I fed him and changed him and laid down on the couch with him and he fell asleep until around 6:30 or so, so I felt really good about his night last night! Just pray it continues lol! I love you and hope you and the girls have a great time tonight! I wish I could be w/you!

Jewel said...

Hi sweetie! I'm so thankful to the Lord that all is going so well for you, Beth. And that IS a really good stretch of sleep for little Nathen. Be thankful! *smile* Yes, I thought it would be so nice if you could join us, too, but hopefully another time. You need to take care of yourself,k? Love you, bunches! (((HUGS)))