Tuesday, May 29, 2007

You call THAT a parade???????

Oh my word! Ed and I decided to take in the annual Memorial Day Parade at the New Straitsville Moonshine Festival yesterday. I had not been to the parade for years but remembered it as being just awesome in years past. Bands and floats and horses! It was one of the best parades around. What happened? I mean, all it consisted of was several queens from different festivals in Ohio. (They have festivals for EVERYTHING!!! *groan*) The firetrucks and emergency vehicles from all of the area townships. I was praying there weren't any fires or emergencies anywhere. And a small local high school band. Nowwwwww......I realize that this band was small. I understand that they are from a rural, somewhat financially depressed area, BUT that is no excuse for the way they were attired!!! COME ON!!! They were all wearing navy blue shorts of some kind and white t-shirts, shirts or some kind of white top. The footwear must have been of their choosing. I mean, several of these kids were wearing flip-flops, for heaven's sake!!!!!!!!!! I just could not believe they dressed so sloppily. Where has the pride in personal appearance gone? A professional appearance would certainly have added much to what they lacked in musical ability. They played fairly well, but that wouldn't have been as noticeable, I believe, had they presented themselves in a more appropriate manner. I may have to write a letter to the band director. I won't be mean but I will stress the importance of dress and appearance. It DOES matter.

Oh, and Ed's comment for the day, after seeing this band and watching the parade was: "I took a shower for this?" *grin* Oh, it wasn't that bad....I guess......and we DID get to meet Taylor! *smile*

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