Monday, May 21, 2007

Top Student in Drafting and Design

We attended an awards ceremony at Hocking College with Daniel and Erin this past Thursday evening. Awards were given to the top graduating student in each area of study at Hocking. Daniel was the top student in Drafting and Design. Isn't that great? Graduation is June 10. Yes, we are proud parents. :-)
This is a picture of Daniel and Erinmaree and also a picture of Ed, me and Daniel. As you can see, he gets his height from his father! :-)


Jana Dolan said...

Congrats to the kiddos!!!

Aidan said...

That is so very cool, pass on the congrats of the blogosphere:)

Jewel said...

Thanks Jana and Aidan! I'll certainly pass on the congrats you extended! ((HUGS))