Friday, May 25, 2007

A quick re-cap of the week

Monday evening, a group from church, including yours truly, travelled to Christian Apostolic Church in Newark, Ohio, pastored by Bro. Keith Sjostrand, to see "Nona", a drama, presented by Gateway College of Evangelism. It depicts the early life of Sis. Nona Freeman and how she met her husband and their call to Africa as missionaries. I wrestled within myself about going because I was in pain and so on, but I am so glad I made the effort. It was awesome and so inspiring. Sis. Freeman is travelling with the group. She is 92! If I understood correctly, they are doing 9 performances in 9 days in 9 different cities and Sis. Freeman is going to be at each one. When the drama ended, Sis. Freeman was escorted to the front where she sat in a chair and proceeded to pray for any and everyone who desired prayer. I was second in line. What a great woman of God she is! The Lord ministered to me so wonderfully that night and the young people from Gateway prayed for me so fervently and sincerely. Again, it was a night I won't soon forget.


It has been a rather difficult week. The pain level has been up there for some reason. Most often I can just push through it and go on, but not this week, it seems. It's been a real struggle to not just give in and go to bed but I must stay active or my poor body will just eventually freeze up on me. "Head and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes, knees and toes...." Remember that little children's exercise song? *grin* Or how about "You gotta move, you've gotta move, you've gotta move, you've gotta move. Oh, when the Lord gets ready, you've gotta move, you've gotta move, you've gotta move." *whew* Well, that's what I keep tellin' myself. *feeble grin* "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can......" (from "The Little Engine That Could")


Bro. Daniel Hamman from Mt. Vernon is in Logan this weekend setting up the new multi-media at church! Isn't that exciting??!?!?! I went out to the church this evening and several men had gathered to help him. While I was there, they put a 52 inch flat screen up on the back wall of the sanctuary for the benefit of those on the platform. Now this was a feat let me tell you! I was praying all the while they were hoisting it up on the scaffolding and then mounting it. *smile* I should have had my camera, I know. I'll try to get some pics tomorrow.


We don't have any special plans for the holiday weekend and that is quite alright. One thing that will be going on is on Monday, Daniel, Eddie (Ed's oldest son) and Ed will be putting a new roof on our mobile home. Here is a before pic and I'll post an "after" later. There is nothing wrong with the old roof, except that they will be adding some extra insulation and it will look much better! They are definitely going to start early before the afternoon heat sets in.

Oh and some other great news is: Daniel has a job interview at Diamond Power in Lancaster, Ohio Wednesday morning! I'll keep you posted!


May you all be blessed with a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and special time with family and friends!


Jana Dolan said...

Daniel and his wife Carolyn are great friends of ours. They will do you no wrong...we wanted to have them down while they were in Logan...but the time has drifted away from us...but we are having them down for a mime revival soon...That is going to be very exciting!
Love ya

Jewel said...

Well, Carolyn and the children didn't come with Daniel I'm sad to say but I think Daniel is having a great time. The multi-media is awesome! And just what is a mime revival? Tell, tell!!

Aidan said...

WHat is memorial day?
sorry australian:)

Theresa said...

Jewel, Daniel said that he was SOOOOO glad that your guys had a scaffolding set up to hang that plasma screen! He said he was REALLY nervous for a few minutes there because of the weight. However, he did say that he really enjoyed being with you all and that your evangelist's quarters were very nice! So glad my "son" could help you all out!

Jewel said...

Aidan-Memorial Day is a holiday in the US on which we commemorate those in the military, who gave their lives serving our country and defending our freedoms. It was originally for the Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War but through the years many communities started having their own celebrations which included all military members. I believe it was in the early 70's that it was declared an official national holiday for all those who had died serving our country in the military. It is always celebrated the last Monday in May. It is the first long weekend of the summer and vacation time here in America and is a big deal. I always look forward to it. There are parades everywhere, family get-togethers, weekend vacations, or just staying home having a restful holiday weekend and grilling out. People go to the cemeteries and place flags, wreaths and flowers on the graves and it seems that this is done for everyone, though the holiday is for the veterans. It is just a time when everyone places flowers on their loved ones gravesites for the summer months, too.
Oh, and always ask me anything about our culture you would like to know,k? *smile*

Hi, Theresa-yes, we really enjoyed having Daniel with us. He is such a sweet young man. Oh, I was there when they hoisted that monstrous thing (52 inch flat screen) up on the wall. Whew! I was praying, let me tell you! I wish I had taken my video camera! We are loving the new media! Hope you had a great weekend! ((HUGS))