Thursday, May 03, 2007


Ed and I went to Kentucky with Pastor and Sister Martin on Monday. Sis. Martin has a cousin who has once again been diagnosed with cancer after having been in remission for almost six years and she wanted to go see her and also visit the area where she was raised and where her mother's family is from. We had a great time! I had forgotten how much I love Kentucky. I could just listen to the people there talk all day long! I find it soooo relaxing.

It was a spur of the moment trip, meaning that we didn't really decide to go until late Sunday night after we'd gotten home from church, but spur-of-the-moment trips can be the best kind sometimes. We threw a few things into a small suitcase and off we went! We left at about ten Monday morning and had beautiful weather all the way. It was only about a four hour drive and we were there: Paintsville, Kentucky which is on the eastern side of the state. After spending a very restful evening in our hotel, on Tuesday morning we decided to do a little site-seeing and went to Butcher Holler and saw Loretta Lynn's homeplace. It was soooo neat! Here are a few pics that I took. The first one is of Ed coming out of Loretta Lynn's outhouse! I couldn't resist! Noooo, he didn't really use it! Sheesh! It was a staged picture, okay? LOL

The next picture is of me sitting on the backdoor step.

I should have put this at the beginning: The rock sign telling us we had arrived!

The next one is of Ed, Mr. Webb-Loretta's brother, and Pastor Martin.

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