Friday, October 13, 2006

The week that was

The picture to the left is of me and my friend Neda. We have been friends for more years than I can even remember. There has not been a week that has passed that she has not called me. Sometimes we say alot, sometimes a little.
Her husband, daughter and I sang at the Fairfield County Fair Monday evening. They have an historic country church there and different people and groups sing every half hour. Mike and I have sung together many, many times, but not Stacy, Mike and I. We practiced a little that afternoon. We were all a little nervous. I was mostly apprehensive about what kind of sound system would be there and what kind of keyboard. Well, as it turned out, both were top-notch. Thank you, Jesus! We sang: Before the First Round Started, The Old Rugged Cross, O I Want To See Him, What a Day That Will Be and one other song that I can't remember at the present time. Well, the harmony was awesome. You can sing with alot of people and it may sound "okay" but then there are people that you sing with and oh my goodness! The harmony is so tight and clear and beautiful! I felt like I had died and gone to trio-singing heaven!! LOL It was awesome. We are just going to HAVE to sing together again soon! Perhaps they can come to Logan and sing at church with me sometime in the near future! I hope!!

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