Sunday, October 08, 2006

A progression of sorts

Well, I drove the church van to General Conference Wednesday evening and we had a full load, let me tell you! I am so used to taking just young people, so it was great to have the adults along this time, too. Pastor Martin drove his car and took some people and the McCarthy's drove their van and took some, too. I drove the van just because I was the only person comfortable with driving in that area of Columbus and some others had worked all day and so on. I didn't mind at all because I actually like driving in Columbus...*weird, I know!*. The PMA music fest was great but I wish they would have had more southern gospel, like the McGruders or the Aqua quartet because so many people do like that genre of music. I love it all and I do wish they would have had more of a variety. About 3/4 of the way through the concert, people just started leaving in droves. I asked Ed what was going on and he said, "I don't know, but they're getting out of here like rats out of a sinking ship!" He has such a way with words!! *smile* Then, when they were honoring people who had contributed much to apostolic music, they were in the process of honoring Bro. Wendell Gleason, who we did not know. I leaned over to Ed and said, "I know Bro. Stan Gleason, though" and Ed said, "I knew Jackie Gleason"! He never stops, folks.......*grin* A sidenote: I did really good walking and getting around this night and I was thankful for that!!

Thursday morning of conference, three other ladies from church and I went to the ladies service. We met Sis. Martin there and we sat in section 114, I believe it was. We sat just four rows from the bottom and the steps were a bit difficult for me to maneuver, but I managed. BUT, I had to hike out of there to go to the restroom twice and it was not a pretty picture. Then, I was just about freezing to death. So, Sis. Martin let me borrow her coat and I snuggled up under neath it and, I am sorry, but I was soooo sleepy, I just had to nap a little during Sis. Haney's message! The Passing of the Mantle ceremony was beautiful, to say the least. At the end of it, Sis. Haney asked the younger ministering ladies to pray for those who had needs. Well, I was in so much pain, but I couldn't make it down to the center area, so I was finally able to make it over to the stairway and I asked two young women (minister's wives) to pray for me after telling them of my physical problems. They prayed so fervently for me. It was so awesome.
On the way home, the four of us ladies stopped at Teejaye's in Lancaster and had a late lunch. It was sooooooo good! But I was still freezing and this is just not like be cold. I came home and bundled up in bed and slept and rested the rest of the evening.

I was back up early Friday morning to take the young people to the youth service at GC. I was in quite a bit of hip and leg pain and borrowed a cane from a sweet lady at church. I have to use a step stool to get in the van, too. I used to just climb up into it and then jump out of it but I can no longer do that. I probably shouldnt' have ever been doing that but....oh is a bit late for that now, hm? *feeble grin* The youth service was wonderful and the message by Bro. McLaughlin was absolutely awesome. You need to get this me!! I let the youth go over to the convention center to see the exhibits but I was not able to hike that far so I stayed at the arena and chatted with people.....Sis. Ann Frakes and Bro. Terry Gunn were two of the nice folks I talked with. The young people were very prompt in getting back to the arena on time and we headed home!

I did not go to conference on Saturday, though I truly wanted to but I had to get some things done here at home, get ready for class and music on Sunday morning and I was in quite a bit of pain.

We left the church at 4pm Sunday afternoon for the evening crusade. The van was full and there were others that drove up. It was so great to be going up as a church family! And we were really excited because Dana, a lady in her 70's who just had double knee replacement, was going and she needed the holy ghost!! She had repented and been baptized. Of course, she's still in a wheelchair most of the time but she is walking some. She is such a sweetie. Wellllllll.....SHE RECEIVED THE HOLY GHOST SUNDAY NIGHT!! It was so awesome! Many people came up to Dana and prayed with her but it was Sis. Swain that stayed with her and prayed with her so kindly until she received the Holy Ghost. Hallelujah!! We have been rejoicing all week, as you can imagine! I just love it when older people, like Dana, receive the Holy Ghost. My mother received the Holy Ghost when she was 70, so we can never, never give up on our loved ones! I had been serving the Lord for 24 years when my mother finally received the Holy Ghost. It was unbelievably awesome. Keep praying and believing for your loved ones!

And there you have a wrap-up of sorts of GC!


Anonymous said...

That is awesome! We also had two get the Holy Ghost, one of which was Garrett Redmond!!!!

Jewel said...

Wonderful, wonderful!! It is so exciting to see people of all ages being born again,hm???