Friday, October 06, 2006

He's been promoted!

Daniel is now 2nd shift manager at McDonald's/The Plains on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights! We are so proud of him. We went down to see him last night as it was his first night on the job by himself without supervision. Doesn't he look handsome? *grin*
You see, we have really been missing him. *sigh* Now that he and Erin are going to church in Nelsonville, we just don't see them nearly so much. And he is back in school. AND working 2nd shift. ANDDDDDDDDDD Erin Maree is working two jobs at the present time! So we really try not to bother them too much. Before school started back for Daniel, he was working 7-3 every day so Ed would stop in on his way home from taking his students to REACH and see Daniel. Well, now Daniel isn't there, has been a little difficult for Ed, but the girls at McDonald's still give him free coffee. *grin* Anywayyyy....we got to McDonalds at about 7pm and there was the BOY. He said hi and said "I miss you guys" kind of quietly and I said, "Ohhh, probably not NEEEAARRLLY as much as we miss you" and he just chuckled. Then I commenced to taking his picture ( I took my camera on purpose! *feeble grin*) and he said, "Mommm, am I ever gonna hear it after you guys leave." and he laughed. I told him to tell me who gave him a rough time about his mom taking his picture, later and I would come back and beat them up! *lol* Well, we got something to drink, talked with him for a little while and then came home. We sometimes get concerned about Daniel and Erin having too much on their "plates" but then we remember they are YOUNG and we are OLD. *grin* Gosh, I used to run myself like crazy when I was their age and even older. Well, actually, up until I began having trouble with my back and legs this past November/December. And I didn't even think anything about all that I could do in a day's time but I remember my sister and friends and co-workers just being amazed at everything that I did and could do in a day and so on. Maybe that is why I am in the shape I am in now? I don't's just a thought. Like yesterday, Daniel was at school from 8am-5pm, went straight home, got ready for work and then worked until 1:30am. When we were there seeing him he was full of vim and vigor. *sigh* Oh, to be young again! LOL So I guess we do need to remind ourselves that they are young and full of energy and that we are on the other side of 50 and winding down some. Well, it is getting late and this "old" person needs to get to bed! Ha ha! So until tomorrow......Goodnight to all and to all a good night!


Bethany Michaela said...

awww my cuzzy looks so cute! :) I wish I could only work 3 days a week! *sob* lol. I know how it feels to have a lot on your "plate". Daniel and I have always been the ones to run, run run and run some more, so I guess it's just continuing as we get older! Mom and Dad rarely see me either anymore. I don't know what they're going to do when I get married! Or move, whichever comes first! :) Tell my Daniel that I love him! Miss you guys!

Jewel said...

I will tell him, Beth. You and Drew need to go see them some time.....when and if they are the same time!! *smile* Love you, Beth!! ((HUGS))