Thursday, October 05, 2006

Okay, I think I'm ready!

Okay, first of all, my computer kept shutting off. Just shutting off...... I had this really long, detailed blog post ready last week and my computer just shut off! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Well, it has this illness. I have had my computer for about two years. A few months after I had it, it began doing this "shutting off" thing. After talking to three or four different tech support people at HP, it was finally recommended that I do a power drain on it because it sounded like it was building up static electricity. Sure enough, that was what it was and the power drain remedied it! I have had to do it two times since the first time, including this most recent time. And then, I got a trojan virus, of all things!!!! I have an anti-virus program but somehow this got past it!!! Sooooooo, I downloaded Trojan Hunter and that is now remedied and my computer is all well!! For the time being anyway!!! Trojan Hunter is the bomb!
I think I know when I got the trojan. I was perusing the internet looking for an autumn wallpaper for my pc. I found one I liked and just as I was putting it on my computer a flash of a warning came up about a trojan virus on this website but it was too late! I was infected. (that sounds kind of gross,hm???) So I scanned with my virus program and there were THREE on my pc. But not to worry! They are now history and my pc is operating wonderfully!!! *whew* I just hate when stuff like that happens to my computer! Thankfully, it seldom happens!
Sooooooo, I will now commence to blogging and emailing and other sundry web activities!!


Anonymous said...

We usually have 20-30 spyware things on our computer. It's pretty crazy.

Jewel said...

I know, Becky! I have 5 programs on my pc just to keep it clean! So goes the life of a computer owner, hm?? *grin*