Friday, October 20, 2006

News of the day!

I had a job interview today. Yes, you read correctly. :-) Ed came home a couple of weeks ago and told me there was a job opening at REACH where he transports students to each day in Athens, Ohio. The job description is office manager, meaning I would be a receptionist, file clerk, and whatever else needed to be done in the way of office duties; 10-3pm Monday-Friday.
I believe I am ready to go back to work, to be quite honest. And this sounds perfect for me. I don't have to sit all of the time but I can sit when I want to or need to. So the hours and the sitting/standing situation are good which is what I was most concerned about. Oh, and the starting wage is very good, too. ;-)
So the young man who interviewed me was 31, young enough to be my son. You know you are getting older when pastors/preachers, doctors, bosses and so on are sooooo much younger than you and they are in positions of authority. *sigh* This young man was so nice and we hit it off immediately. I told my girlfriend Pat that they should hire me just for my bubbly personality and wit! *grin* They had received alot of applications/resumes and I was one of three finalists, so to speak, that they actually interviewed, so I feel good about that.
I've prayed about this and believe that if the Lord sees that it is a good thing for me to go back to work then I will get the job. If not, I'll know He has another plan for me. I am so thankful that I can put my trust in such a wonderful Saviour.
I'll keep you posted!!

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