Thursday, October 19, 2006

My granddaughter, Becky, and I thought this list was interesting and we heartily disagree with the order of popularity in which they have the different candies, with the first in the list being the fave and so on. Myself, I would put Snickers in the top spot and then the ever-popular Mars Bar. *smile* And I don't EVEN know what non-chocolate candies are doing the list. I mean, if it ain't chocolate, it ain't candy, right???? *smile*
Can you think of any candy bars that are missing? Two that come to mind for me is Baby Ruth (yes, they still make them) and Heath Bars.

Yahoo reports the most sought after Halloween candy:

Jelly Belly
Mars Bar
Tootsie Roll
Hershey's Chocolate Bar
Jolly Rancher
Hershey's Kisses
Gummi Bears
Life Savers
Salt Water Taffy
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Candy Canes
Nestle Crunch
Kit Kat


Anonymous said...

Sis.Jewel, you never told me, what is a Mars Bar?

Theresa said...

I'm not seeing Almond Joy or $100,000 Bars. How could they miss these???

Donnie said...

Do they still make $100 Grand bars anymore?

Jewel said...

Becky - I told you about the Mars bar on your blog but I tell you here again. It has a fluffy inside topped with almonds and then covered in chocolate. It is so yummy! They used to have more almonds in them, though. *sigh*

Theresa - I guess they just didn't make the list. :-) But I like them both!

Donnie - They DO still make $100 Grand bars, at least in the little snack size packs cause we used to have them at the library all of the time and I ate them! *grin*

Gosh, you guys, I didn't realize what a candy bar conniseur *sp* I was/am. Sheesh! BUT, I don't have them very often. They are a treat that I treat myself to on occasion! *smile*

Do you all remember Zero candy bars or Zagnut or Milkshake??? (I'm tellin' my age ;-)

Theresa said...

Zero bars were my least favorite in the whole world, because of the white chocolate. I absolutely hate the taste of white chocolate!!! Did Zagnuts have toasted coconut in them??? Milkshakes were too close to Milky Way Bars for me to like them much. I loved Payday Bars (I still do!!), and my all-time favorite were the Vanilla Cream Buns!!!

Jewel said...

I like white chocolate in certain ways, like the zero bar and white chocolate covered pretzels! Oolala! And yes Zagnuts did have toasted coconut in them or on them. And how could I have forgotten about BUNS!! Of course, they used to be huge and have only gotten smaller through the years. And how about York Peppermint Patties??? I like the little ones after they have been in the fridge for awhile and gotten hard and cold.