Saturday, August 01, 2009

What was for dinner!

This is a chicken stir-fry that I fix quite often. I love it and it is so easy to make!!
Chicken Stir-Fry
3 grilled chicken breasts-I grill these on my counter-top grill and I like ALOT of chicken in my stir-fry and, well, I usually nibble on it as I cook, too. :-o
Montreal Steak Seasoning and Seasoned Salt to taste
8oz. cooked fettucine
1 16oz. bag deluxe stir-fry vegetables-I used the Walmart brand or whatever is on sale or the lowest priced. I just pierce the bag 3 or 4 times with a fork on the top side and microwave them until done. I then hold the bag upside down with a dish towel and squeeze the excess liquid out of the bag before adding the veggies the other ingredients.
1/3 cup sweet and sour sauce
1/3 cup Teriyaki sauce
1/3 cup Ginger/Teriyaki sauce
Cooking Oil

Season and grill the chicken breasts till done. I cut or tear the chicken into small pieces. In a large skillet, mix and heat the sauces together, along with just a few drops of cooking oil. To this I add the chicken pieces, stirring them to coat. Then I add the fettucine and vegetables, mixing everything together and letting it heat through thoroughly. Oh, but it is so delicious!
I love condiments of all kinds and always have sweet and sour sauce and Teriyaki Sauce on hand. I just happened to have the Teriyaki/Ginger Sauce on hand because I got it at a really good price and thought it would add a nice flavor to the other sauces combined.
I fixed this for me and Ed to have for lunch and dinner this past Wednesday, but then Daniel came over to borrow some luggage and really put the hurt on it, so I barely had enough left for our lunch, but that is okay. I love it when Daniel comes by AND he enjoys food soooo much! :-) He is like his mother!!! Oh my!!
As you can tell by this post AND this one , I really like skillet and one-dish meals!


Theresa said...

That certainly looks wonderful! I'll have to try your recipe soon. I'm s-l-o-w-l-y breaking Sir into oriental foods. He's really not big on experimenting. **smile**

Jewel said...

Oh, I love oriental food and Ed does, too, but not nearly as much as I do. I hope Sir likes it!!!