Friday, August 28, 2009

It's Friday!!

And I am tired......but wanting to do something special, though I don't know what. Ever feel that way?

I went with Ed this morning as he picked up his student and dropped him off at school. We left the house at 7am! Then we checked the mileage and location to another student's home because Ed will be picking him up and transporting him beginning Monday morning.

Afterward, we went to Jack's Steakhouse for breakfast where Daniel and little Jaylon joined us. Jaylon just smiles at everyone! :-) And he has another tooth! He now has four upper and three lower teeth and is he ever drooling! Every so often this past week, he has felt warm to the touch, been a little clingy and slept more than usual and I think it has been because of those old toofers!
I bought Jaylon an OSU football jersey so he'll be all ready for next Saturday's opening game!!

AND earlier today, I had just finished doing my friend Pat's hair. I put Jaylon in his pac n' play while I walked out onto the porch with her and Dee and told them goodbye.

Welllll....when I came back into the house, Jaylon had pulled himself up onto his knees and was holding onto the sides of his little bed just smiling and bouncing up and down for all who laid it!!!! It was soooo funny AND exciting!! He was so proud of himself!!! AND I was a bit scared thinking that we are really going to have to keep an eye on him!! :-)

Here he is shortly after I found him:


Bethany said...

When they start figuring things out they'll really get moving fast! Babyproofing outlets and moving cords is the biggest thing...looks like his playpen will have to get lowered too so he doesn't bounce his chunky little self outta there :)

Theresa said...

I've been wanting to do something special, too. However, when we have the extra to do with, we seem to have to work that Saturday.

What I really would like to do is go up to Kidron to Lehman's Non-Electric Store and hit the Amish flea market that is next door at the auction yard. Maybe someday.

It is amazing how fast the little ones are learning to do things! Eva started pulling herself to her knees this week, too. Her bed has already been let down at home, and I have to make sure she goes into her pak-n-play for naps here, because she ROLLS OFF OF EDGES on purpose.

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

I'm hoping there will be a pic of Jaylon in the OSU jersey. I found a pair of OSU sweats for my youngest grandson in Kentucky.

Jewel said...

Hey, Beth, Theresa and Sir! Yes, these little ones are just progressing so quickly!! and I think it is more noticeable with Jaylon..for me...because I am with him all of the time, where I wasn't with Daniel because I worked. We sure are enjoying him!
Oh, I'm sure there will be a picture of him sometime soon in his new jersey, Sir! :-)