Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Time is passing me by!!

Hi Everyone! I mean to blog. I have good intentions everyday but then the day starts and before I know it, it's over!!! Does this only happen to me?? Monday is GONE! Tuesday is almost OVER! Where have the hours gone???? And it isn't because I waste my time! Well, okay, I did take a nap this afternoon when Jaylon napped but I've gotten alot done today while taking care of him and I did the same yesterday. AND a nap is NEVER wasted time, hm, Liz? :-) I think someone has caused time to go faster. You know, I've told Ed a few times that God COULD speed up time if He wanted and we wouldn't even know it. He would, of course, have to make all the rest of the universe come into sync but He can do that, too. He's God, after all! And just maybe He would do this to see just what is most important to us. What do we devote the majority of our time to? Hmmmm.....it is something to think about!
I haven't cooked anything out of the ordinary for the last two or three weeks. I roasted a chicken today. My, but does anything smell any better than the aroma of a chicken roasting in the oven? Mmmm.... Well, a beef roast is really good, too! AND would you believe I have been craving something SWEET? Now that is a bit unusual for me but I think I am going to bake a couple of loaves of zuchinni bread either tonight or in the morning!
Ed and I took Jaylon to Walmart this afternoon to have his picture taken. Oh my!! We dressed him in his Ohio State garb and his little hat! He looks so adorable!! I can hardly wait to get the pictures and yes indeedy, I will be posting them for your viewing pleasure!
Soooo, thankfully, we were the only ones there to have pictures taken because right in the middle of the first pictures being taken, Jaylon decided to do The DO! Well, actually, I was changing his outfits, when I noticed what had happened. Sooooo, with just his diaper on him, I headed to the ladies room to get him cleaned up! After that, everything went pretty smoothly.
On second thought, not quite! When we got back to the studio, he was hungry. Thankfully, I had taken a bottle, so the young lady photographer was very patient while I fed him. And there still weren't any other customers waiting. Thankfully.
School starts the 24th. I can hardly believe that it is time for school to start! Where has the summer gone? And then, two weeks later, the county fair!
Hope you are having a great week!!


Barbara H. said...

I remember so many times of a baby doing his business at times that weren't quite the best! Once in a restaurant one of mine had a messy diaper, so I took him to the ladies' room, where, thankfully, they had one of those shelves for changing babies. I untaped his diaper and went to clean him up -- but he wasn't done yet. That kept happening til I finally just decided to wait a few minutes to be sure he was done. I never knew a little one could hold that much all at once!!! The changing shelf was in the handicapped stall, unfortunately, so we were holding up the line of people waiting, but there was no way I could pick him up and go elsewhere at that point. Meanwhile my family back at our table was wondering what was keeping us.

Jewel said...

Yes, with a baby you just never know, hm, Barbara? The restroom I was in the other day had a changing shelf but it was almost right in front of the line of stalls, which made getting by me a bit difficult. :-/ And while I'm replying, why do they call them stalls???? LOL Like we are a bunch of heifers or sumthin'! LOL