Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Who's been sleeping in MY bed???

So I am sleeping away Saturday night, minding my own sleepy business, when I am awakened by a little pin-prickish feeling on my left leg, only to wake up a bit more and have it feel like a being-stuck-in-the-leg-with-a-needle kind of feeling! I brushed my hand down along my leg and felt some sort of critter on my leg, so I flung back the covers and jumped out of bed, woke up Ed and asked him to please turn on the light. We couldn't see anything at first and then we realized neither of us had our glasses on! *feeble grin* So I snatched my glasses from the dresser and beheld the carnivorous wasp that had just taken a chunk out of my leg! Oweeeeeee!!!

Soooooo, I seized upon the fly swatter and whacked that wasp to smithereens!!!

Now, I've...or rather WE have taken to checking our bed thoroughly for wasps and other creepy crawlies before slipping our tired bodies in said bed.
And this brought about another memory:

Ed and I were driving/going somewhere and I felt a little stinging sensation on one of my legs. It began to intensify. Then I felt another stinging sensation and something moving about under my skirt. I yelled at Ed to pull over. We were going up Rt. 33 by our church. I jumped out and began flinging my skirt around, jumping up and down, asking Ed to help me. It was a yellow jacket. It managed to sting me three or four times before being put to death!

Sooo, the next day at church, my pastor asked me what I was doing shouting and dancing along side 33?!?!? Oh, but I assured him that I wasn't THAT spiritual! *smile*

I'm just thankful that I don't have an allergic reaction to bees!


Theresa said...

I'm so glad you don't have a wasp allergy, either! They are very dangerous! (I know first-hand!)

Jewel said...

So do you carry a bee-sting kit with you, Theresa?? We have so many wasps and bees around here!