Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Smoked Tuna Cheeseball

Wow, I sure am putting alot of recipes on here lately, hm? But it IS that most wonderful time of the year, isn't it? Food, food, food! Parties, banquets, and get-togethers. Well, I make a cheeseball that many people have complimented me on and my friend Pat wanted the recipe so I thought I would share it with all of you. It is addictive, so you have been warned! *smile*
Originally, it was a recipe for a smoked salmon cheeseball but since I didn't have any salmon at the time, I used tuna and it worked out great so mine is now:

Smoked Tuna Cheeseball

2 8oz. pkgs. of cream cheese
2 heaping tbsp. Miracle Whip
1/2 - 3/4 cup minced onion
2 cans of tuna in oil/ drained completely
(I prefer tuna in oil because I think it has more flavor)
2 tbsp. Liquid Smoke
Mix all of the above ingredients together thoroughly.
Shape into a ball. Roll in parsley flakes.

Some variations I have done is to add a package of Knorr's vegetable dip mix. Also, I have added parsley flakes along with everything else and then rolled it in parsely flakes, too.
You can also roll the cheeseball in nuts or anything else you like, but I prefer the parsley flakes. Oh, I think I've also added a beef boullion cube, too, once or twice but with the Liquid Smoke,
I didn't really feel it was necessary. So, there you have it! My nephew, Troy, made these and sold them at Discover Card in New Albany where he used to work.....he is starting nursing school in January....yayyyy, Troy!!!.....he sold gazillions of them! I think to the point that he doesn't care if he ever sees one again in his entire life!! *smile*
I also maked a chipped beef cheeseball, so if you would like the recipe for that, let me know. Ohh, AND a fruit cheeseball. Oh my! I almost forgot about that one!! Talk about yummy!!!! Whew!!!
IT IS the most wonderful time of the year....as I sit here and watch the snow falling outside my window!!! *smile*


Denise said...

Keep the recipes coming dear.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU............P.W.

Theresa said...

This sounds yummy to me, but Sir Nottaguy shudders any time someone gives me a recipe with any kind of fish in it!

Jewel said...

I will do my best, Denise! *smile*
You are welcome, Pat!
And I can't imagine not liking seafood, although not all fish comes from the sea,hm? *grin*