Monday, December 29, 2008

Jaylon update

Little Jaylon has been diagnosed with a small perforation in his intestine. Therefore, he is being fed intraveneously once again, has a tube in his stomach to relieve any air pressure that might build up, and he is in an incubator.

Daniel and Erin may stay at the Ronald McDonald House for the remainder of Daniel's time off of work, so they can be close to little Jaylon. He is still in University Medical Center but a shuttle runs every hour from the RMH which is by Children's Hospital to UMC every hour.
I sang "Jesus Loves Me" to little Jaylon today and told him that Grandma was going to teach him all kinds of songs about Jesus. I told him that he has looong fingers which are perfect for playing the piano like Grandma. And I touched his little toes which are soooo long, like his daddy's, and told him that Grandma was going to teach him the "little piggies" story, too and he pulled his little foot up like he's ticklish on his his daddy. *smile*
I told Daniel and Erin that I would try not to make him too ornery. *grin* Oh, but I love this precious little gift from God so much....already!!
He sleeps most of the time but he did have his little peepers open just a little so Grandma could see his little eyes. The doctor said he is sleeping most of the time because he is so tired from going through so much.
Please continue to pray for Jaylon and Daniel and Erin. I felt so sorry for Erin today. Please pray that the Lord would comfort and strengthen her. She is doing great physically. You'd never know that she had had a C-section one week ago.
Again, I'll keep you posted as to how our little guy is doing. Thank you so much for praying.


Theresa said...

We are praying! If he does get to Children's, let us know, because two of Bro. K's daughters work there & so does our daughter, Jessica.

Jewel said...

I surely will, Theresa, but we are so praying and trusting the Lord to heal him. Thank you so much for praying!((HUGS))

Denise said...

My prayers are with this dear family. I am asking God to heal precious Jaylon.

Jewel said...

Thank you so much, Denise, for praying. I pray you are having a good last week of the year! *smile* ((HUGS))

chantell said...

Awww. I'm keeping the little guy in my thoughts and prayers. We do serve and awesome God.

Jewel said...

Hi Chantell....thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers for our little guy. ((HUGS))