Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Bingo, anyone?

For the past few years at our Christmas family get-together, we have played Christmas bingo. The little ones love it! And alot of the oldersters, do too! :-) I found a great website where you can make free, printable, custom bingo cards/papers. I fill in the blanks with familiar Christmas words, songs and sometimes the names of the children. The kids love it when their name is called. This is only applicable for the really young ones. The teens? Not so much. *grin* Anywayyyyy......we have so much fun playing this! Last year, we ran out of prizes, so we all through our change and one-dollar bills into a pile and, of all things, our sister Debbie won it!!!! And the really neat thing is....she hadn't won anything up to this point AND she is on a limited income so this really was a blessing to her. We all just cheered and hoorahhhhed for her. It was a great ending to a wonderful time together!
My sister, Bev, and I buy ten "prizes" each at dollar stores and, I tell you, the way some people go after these prizes, you would think they were real treasures!!!!! It is so much fun!!!!
This first website has bingo cards with Christmas symbols on them. This second site is where you can make the customizable cards by typing in the words you wish to use. I hope this comes in handy for some one!!!


Denise said...

Sounds like fun.

Bethany said...

I remember you did this for my wedding shower too with all the wedding-type's probably my fav. part of the Christmas get together...except the food of course! lol

Jewel said...

Hi surely is fun! and such a simple game. I think sometimes we forget how good the simple things can be, hm?

Hey, Bethany!!! Yes, indeedy, the food is definitely the best part!!

Barbara H. said...

This looks like a neat idea for our ladies' party. We always play some kind of game with little prizes.