Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pray for Jaylon

Daniel just called and said that he had just gotten off the phone with the hospital. He had called to inquire about how little Jaylon was. They told him that blood was found in little Jaylon's stool in the night. They told him it could be serious They are running more tests. They may have to transfer him to Children's Hospital. Please pray. The kids are devastated. They were sure they would be bringing their little Jaylon home today. But we serve a great and awesome God, Who is full of grace and compassion, Who is our Healer. Oh, precious Creator, touch and heal our little baby boy, in Jesus' Name.
"My God is so big, so strong, and so mighty,
There's nothing that He cannot do......"
I'll keep you posted, everyone. Thank you for praying.


Barbara H. said...

Poor little guy. I'll definitely be praying.

Jewel said...

Thank you so much, Barbara. I appreciate it so much. ((HUGS))