Monday, December 15, 2008

Catching here's some old news!

Hmmm......I thought I had posted Friday evening saying or perhaps it was Thursday, saying that I was going to be really busy for the next few days so don't be surprised if you don't hear from me. Oh, well, so much for that, hm? *smile*

It was a busy weekend, indeed!

We had our annual family Christmas get-together Saturday at our church fellowship hall. We had a wonderful time!! I had been wondering if we would have enough food because not everyone had gotten back with me about what they were bringing BUT did we EVER have enough food!! And it was delicious! You see, there are five of us "mothers" and our kids have tended to let us bring the majority of the food while they bring drinks and easy things but tis year, they all came bearing gifts of delicious food, bless their hearts!! *smile* Believe it or not, my favorite dish was my oyster stuffing/dressing. I make it every year for me and my two brothers and sisters. We are the only ones that like it. Our dad ALWAYS made oyster dressing at Thanksgiving and sometimes Christmas so I am trying to carry on the tradition. My brother-in-law got some really good pictures so once he passes them on to me, I'll post some here for you to enjoy! I was just too busy to be taking pictures! *smile*

We had a white elephant gift exchange. Now, I didn't expect to get anything lavish but a soy jar candle without a wick? Hello? LOL My niece suggested putting it in my candle warmer. That'll work! And something rather poignant happened.

One of my little, precious great-nephews got a really big wrapped gift. His younger brother wanted to trade him, thinking the big package HAD to have a better present in it than his little package. Well, the older brother didn't want to trade is BIG gift BUT, lo and behold, if the smaller package didn't have the better gift! Needless to say, Gabe was happy that he kept the smaller package.

This made me think of the birth of Jesus. All through the years, prior to His birth, the Jewish people had been told of His coming by the prophets. We read those prophecies now and wonder how in the world they missed it. They were expecting and no doubt desiring a king arrayed in majestic robes, wearing a crown, possibly carry a sceptor.....something flashy that appealed to the carnal nature of man, something or someone to be "proud" of, to brag about. But He came so unexpectedly, so humbly, as an innocent baby, in a stable, wrapped snuggly in a covering of some sort......(it makes me think of ALL the things parents have nowadays when they are expecting a baby....whew!)..... with just his mother and father present, surrounded by farm animals. Unnoticed. Just another baby.

But it wasn't just another baby born that night in Bethlehem. It was the greatest gift of all. Our Redeember. But because of the unattractiveness of the package He was delivered in and the humble way in which He came to His people at that time, He was rejected by most.......

....... like the "little, plain" gift on Saturday that was pushed aside for the "BIG, GAYLY" wrapped gift, which ended up being not so great after all.

Just a little perspective during this holiday season.


Denise said...

Sweet blessings to you dear one.

Jewel said...

And to you, Denise. I pray you are doing better, especially during this blessed time of year. ((HUGS))