Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jaylon update!

Little Jaylon may be coming home today!! Daniel and Erin have to take a CPR class today. They have to do this before they can bring Jaylon home. The little guy has been nursing and breathing on his own. Last night Daniel said, "Mom, he made his daddy proud!" I said, "How's that, Daniel?" "Well, Mom, Erin had just fed Jaylon and was holding him up, patting his little back and he let out an awesome burp! It came like from his chest. It was a good one!" "It must be a guy thing, Daniel....", I said a bit quizzically. I can see where burping his ABC's might be in Jaylon's future. *sighhhhh* Yep, it's a guy thing. LOL
So, Ed called Daniel after we got out of church and asked him how they were doing. Daniel said they had been trying to get out of the house for fifteen minutes, but it seemed Erin just kept forgetting things and they had to keep going back into the house. Well, this just isn't like Erin. Like Daniel, yes, but Erin? No. Ed said, "Maybe she's got that post-mortem depression stuff?" "Edddddd!!!! It's POST-PARTUM, post-partum!!!! Hellloooooo!!" Sheeeesh!!! LOL But we did have a good laugh over it!! I don't think it's post-anything......I just think she's probably tired and there is more to remember and to take now than before little Jaylon was born.
Anddddd, yesterday in our little valley, we had a high of 76 degrees in the afternoon. Today? 52 degrees but it feels alot cooler because it is windy and I am freezing!!!!! I'm going to go and bundle up in bed and get warm!! Brrrrrr.......


Don Ryan said...

It is my understanding that being post-mortem makes you depressed. No personal experience but that's what I hear.

A classic Ed-ism to make my day!

Denise said...

Such a beautiful praise report, love you.

Jewel said...

Hi Donnie....I've yet to write these bits of wit down but at least I have some of them recorded here, hm? *grin*

Yes, Denise....we are so thankful that little Jaylon is doing so well. I'll keep you posted!

Mrs Lemon said...

The memory, she is gone in that post-partum stage.

And, I believe in the post-mortem stage as well.

Jewel said...

Hi Mrs. you're telling me this is pretty normal? *grin* I'll let Erin know!