Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Welcome Home!

I finally have my computer back! Yay! So, after taking my computer to this newly-found computer repair shop in New Lexington, we were able to pick it up this morning. It needed a new power-source which is the gray metal box inside the computer that houses the fan, etc. And do you know how much it cost to have this replaced?!?!?!? I'm not going to tell you. Let's see if any of you can guess,k?

New Lexington is about 20 miles away and it was quite a drive over as the wind is really fierce today and it has been snowing all morning, too. The snow was blowing and drifting across the road in many places and the roads going to New Lex are so curvy and twisting and there are a kazillion hills between here and there but you do get used to driving in it after living here for so long. (all of our lives. *smile*)

The wind is howling outside, while the sun is shining and snow is falling occasionally. It is a good day to be inside enjoying the coziness of home. The windchill is in the single digits....brrrr!!

I am going to a birthday party tonight for a dear saint in our church. She is presently a patient in the skilled nursing unit of our local hospital. Her name is Dana and she received the Holy Ghost at General Conference. It was so awesome! She is in her 70's and is just the sweetest little thing! Dana had double-knee replacement surgery last year and just recently fell and broke her hip. We all feel so badly for her but have tried to be there for her and encourage her and her daughter, with whom she has lived for the past two years. Her daughter, Ruth, tried to bring her home to stay right before Christmas but could not manage her alone and had to take her back to the skilled nursing unit, which just about broke both of their hearts and ours, but I do understand, because I helped care for my mother during the last several years of her life. It can be so heart-wrenching in trying to make the best and wisest decisions where our elderly parents are concerned. I am so thankful that Mom had such a wonderful attitude through all of her health problems. She was always chipper and joking and looking for something to laugh and smile about. Dana is a sweetheart and I am looking forward to celebrating her birthday with her and others from the church.

I try to keep a positive outlook even on the difficult days. My girlfriend Neda told me one day when we were together to straighten and quit walking like I had something stuck up....well, you get the idea. *feeble grin* So I told her, "What??? You think I like walking like this? You think I would CHOOSE to walk like this?? HELLOOOOO!!!! " We had a good laugh about it. *smile* Ed, my dear husband, says I'm "inVALid". *grin* Velly funny. He and Pastor Martin also call me "Fred" occasionally (after Fred Sanford on TV) because of the way I walk sometimes. And then there are those who are really cute and say, "Run, Jewel, Run". Haha. That's a real scream. *grin* I'm so thankful that I can make people laugh and smile and bring such joy to their lives. LOL Even if it is because I walk funny and AM IN PAIN!!! LOL

Okay, I'll stop. *smile*

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