Tuesday, January 09, 2007

41-14. I wasn't sure that we were going to win, but I sure didn't think we were going to get the trouncing that we got. The Buckeyes just acted lost on the field. In disarray. Well, it's over for another year. Here's a really good article that explains very well what I, too, felt was the reason we lost. I will say one thing: once a fan, always a fan. And I am very proud for the way our players and Coach Tressel conducted themselves. Our fans did a good job of this, too. Daniel had stopped by before the game and "borrowed" my Buckeye necklace, my football that plays the OSU fight song, and my Brutus Buckeye. He was decked out in scarlet and gray and was hyped to the max! Needless to say, his enthusiasm no doubt waned rather quickly last night. It will be interesting to talk to him today and get his take on the game.
Upon the suggestion of a friend, I purchased knee braces, in the hopes that they might help with the hip and back pain that I deal with on a daily basis. This friend said that they have helped her tremendously. Although I was a tad leary of them being able to help me, I bought them and wore them for the better part of the day yesterday. I noticed that I was having some added pain in my lower back, so I took the braces off yesterday evening. Whoa, I was really in pain. I had to go to bed, up my pain med some. About 11pm, I asked Ed to pray for me and I was able to go to sleep for a few hours, as long as I stayed on my back, with pillows under my knees. So I got up this morning and was feeling a smidge better, until I went into the den where I plugged in the lights on the ficus tree. As I straightened up, something popped in the lower, right side of my back. Talk about pain! This was at 6am and I had a lady coming at 6:40 to get her hair done! I managed to get seated and turn on the heating pad for a few minutes. Though in much pain, I managed to get her hair done, then I went to bed. But the pain was raw, even laying down. So I got up and ate a little bit of food so I could take pain med. It didn't help, so about an hour later, I took another dose and finally.....finally, the pain decreased to a manageable level. I am feeling pretty good at the present time, thankfully. The chiropractor that I had been going to, told me to be careful when taking the pain med because while masking the pain, I could possibly do more damage to my back. My family doctor prescribed the pain medicine because I felt that I needed something to help me when the pain is really intense, like this morning. Yesterday was a pretty rough day for me, too. And Sunday. Oh, I don't know. Sometimes the days seem to all run together, you know? As I've said before, because we don't have insurance, our options are limited. But as I say that, I am reminded that the Lord's aren't. And He knows right where I am and what I am going through. He knows what is best for me. It can be a bit of a quandry though. I have the faith that He can heal me, for He has so many times before. Yet, is He trying to do a greater work in my life through this? Have I become comfortable with my pain, has it become my companion? Has it altered my life so much that I wouldn't know how to act if He did heal me and I was "normal" again? Or is this just a part of the aging process for me? Have I been so hard on my body over the years that I have brought wear and tear on my back and so on? Do any of you go through these questions and doubts? I have an old cassette recording from Family Camp at Buckeye Lake. Bro. Tenney taught one afternoon on "Why Saints Are Not Always Healed". I "dug" it out and I am going to listen to it this evening. I'll give you some of the high points and my comments tomorrow.


It is winter in Ohio!! And when the snow sticks, it is just beautiful. I should have taken some pictures this morning for the flakes were huge and fluffy and coming down so slowly. It was beautiful!! We have a woodburner and the house is so warm and cozy. I appreciate the work that Ed puts into gathering in wood during the summer months so we can enjoy this cozy heat in the winter. Ellie really likes it, too! See???? *smile*


Gene Holley, Jr. said...

My wife and I love the picture of the cat! Our dog is much like a human as well! Hope you are feeling better.

Jewel said...

Hi Bro. Holley! Yes, the kitty of the house is something else, let me tell you! When I took this picture, I had just walked into the living room and there she was, draped over the arm of the chair, sound asleep. I couldn't believe it! *smile*
And I am feeling better! The Lord is so good and faithful!

Theresa said...

Ellie certainly looks like she is comfortable and has taken complete possession of that chair! She's such a pretty thing.

Glad that you're feeling better. HUGS!!

Ronda Hurst said...

Jewell, it's good to hear you are feeling better.
I don't think I would want to bother Ellie at this point. lol She looks very comfy.
Blessings to you!

Jewel said...

I've got another really cute pic of the Kitty of the House that I will post as soon a my computer is "well"! Thanks for stopping by!!!