Tuesday, January 02, 2007


So after a wonderful New Year's Eve service at church and going out with Pastor and Sis. Martin and some other couples from church, Ed and I drove down to Nelsonville UPC where they were having food and games to see the new year in and, of course, Daniel and Erin were there, which meant we could see the new year in with them. Several of us ladies, a few youth and children were playing the game Gestures which is similar to Charades, but you have this gadget that you tap and it tells you what word to act out. Well, I was taking my turn, doing just fine, until I got the word "SHIFT". *sigh* Need I say anymore? *feeble grin* First of all, I kind of had a mind blank about how to express it, so I grabbed Katie, who is 10, and we starting changing places kind of quickly, which is the only thing I could think of to do and while in the midst of shifting, something shifted in my back! ARGHHHH!! (It was only later, that I thought of demonstrating shifting a car, which would have no doubt prevented any "shifting" to my back. *sigh*) BUT....Bro. Phillips DID guess the word! So the "shifting" demonstration did work! Needless to say, I had to drop out of the game and since the new year had already arrived, Ed and I started making our way to the car, with me kind of cripping along and him gently scolding me for thinking I could be doing any sort of contortions, with my body in rebellion the way it has been for the past several months. *little smile* I just still find it difficult to accept that I am limited physically the way I am, because I feel so young at heart! I am happy to report, though, that I am feeling back to normal this morning. I took it pretty easy yesterday.....Monday, New Year's Day. I didn't even leave the house except to step out on the front and back porches and stretch and breathe in some fresh air and give Rocky some cuddles and pets. I'll share more about the weekend and post some pictures a little later. For now, I'm off to take down the last few remaining vestages of Christmas here at home! May your day be blessed!!

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