Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Day Before New Year's Eve Day Celebration

My two sisters and two brothers started a tradtion several years ago of meeting for lunch at Red Lobster on New Year's Eve Day. Once again this year, we met for lunch, only it was on Saturday as our usual day fell on Sunday, so Saturday was much more convenient for everyone. This is a time for us to get together and have a relaxing time, eating and chatting, without all of the children, grandchildren and the hubbub of Christmas. You will notice in the pictures, though, that Daniel and Erin and Bethany are with us. This is because when we first started this tradition, Daniel and Bethany were quite young, so we just let them come along. Now that they are older, we've decided to still include them. (parents, you know how these things tend to evolve. *smile*) We had such a relaxing, pleasant time and I got some great pictures, so here they are for your viewing pleasure!! *smile*

This first pic is of me and my TWIN brother, Johnny. Besides our graduation picture, this is one of the very few that we have together and I think it is quite good! Next, is me and Ed and, once again, I think this is a really good pic of us...thank you, we don't have many "good" pics of us either. This next one is of Erin and Daniel. They were not with us last year at our annual lunch because they had just departed Dayton International Airport for Hawaii for their honeymoon!! They were a little late arriving, per usual, because Daniel tends to be a little "high maintenance", though you might not know it from how he looks here. I am trying to be patient with his wanting to have longer hair and facial hair. *sigh* He is such a fine young man and does love the Lord so. I am just used to him being nice and clean cut. Erin loves his scruffy look, so that is what really matters. Below, we have Bev, my oldest sister, and her daughter, Bethany. Bev's husband, Bud is sitting right across the table from her, but for some reason, I manage to not get a pic of him that day. hmmm......

And last, but certainly not least, is my oldest brother, Bill and his wife Sandy. They were more than a little tired this afternoon because they had been helping their son and his family move and were going to be going back after lunch to do more of the same. I am so thankful for my family and the closeness that has come with the passing of time.

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