Thursday, January 04, 2007

"Oh What a Night......."

"....late December back in '63" Do you remember that oldie but goodie of a song by Frankie Vallie??? BUT....I am speaking of last night, Jan 3rd. *sigh* We got a call from Daniel about half past midnight, asking us to pray, because Erin had called him from work asking him to come and get her because she was sick and in alot of pain. We immediately went to prayer for Erin. After not hearing from them for quite awhile, I finally phoned Daniel at 2:30am. Erin answered and told me that she had had Daniel bring her home, where he had prayed for her and she was trusting the Lord to touch her. Erin is so pitiful when she is sick. You just want to take her up in your arms and hold her and protect her. She asked us to please continue to pray for her, which we did. I had thought that Daniel was going to take her to O'Bleness right from work, so I was a little surprised to find them at home when I called. But then I remembered that Erin Maree has a very low tolerance level for pain, needles, or anything of the sort, so that is probably why they didn't go to the hospital. I phoned once again this morning, around 7:30am, and Erin said the pain had abated for awhile but flared up once again at about 4am. When I called this morning, the pain had subsided again. She thinks she may have kidney infection because the pain is located in her mid-lower back and she has some other familiar symptoms. Needless to say, she didn't sleep last night and neither did I. Daniel got some sleep and was going to go in to a later class this morning. I'll keep you posted as to how Erin is doing. Your prayers for Erin would be so appreciated. God Bless everyone!


I am feeling really rough today, what with the lack of sleep last night and the upsurge of pain that I have been dealing with that past few days. I had wanted to accomplish some things today but it looks as though I will have to re-order my day's doings. After catching up here on my blog and blog-reading, I am going to do a few necessary things here at home and then catch up on my bible reading and study. I am still working on my 2004 BREAD program but I am determined to finish it! I had thought of starting this year's prgram anew but concluded that it would be best for me to finish the old one. I've started the BREAD program so many times and have never managed to finish it, so finishing the 2004 program would really be a great accomplishment.



Karla said...

Hello - I just had to comment about your BREAD reading chart. I was just discussing this same predicament with my husband this week. I have a 2004 chart and a 2001 chart that I haven't quite finished. I was looking at starting over this year and just couldn't bring myself to do it. I plan to finish one of these or both of them this year. I read the Bible through using a chronological Bible a few years ago, but have never finished a BREAD chart. So glad I'm not the only one in this situation. LOL

Jewel said...

Well, then, we can just encourage eachother to finish the ones that we have already started,hm?! *smile* I've started soo many, but I kept this chart and I AM determined to finish it and then have a little celebration for myself!!