Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays......

Okay, so it isn't Monday just yet, but it surely is a rainy day! AND a cold day! AND a dreary day! Well, you get the point.
This is the part of winter that I have a difficult time with. *sigh* BUT spring is only two months away, I keep telling myself!
The outside Christmas decorations are almost all down and put away for another year. Finally.
There are still two wreaths hanging in the kitchen window and the bathroom window because I couldn't reach them and today it is raining too hard for us to get the ladder out and retrieve them. We still have the spiral trees to take down and the icicles lights around the carport.
In days gone by, this would have driven me crazy......having two wreaths up and the rest down, the spiral trees still up, etc.
Oh, but I've learned that life goes on and it doesn't really matter to anyone but me, AND they are outside where I don't have to look at them, so that is a plus! LOL We'll get them down in the next couple of days because Ed is off Monday and Tuesday.
I've had to find a new brand of hosiery to wear. The brand I did buy started making the style that I like with a control top. I do not like control top pantyhose. Hello.
It has taken me quite a bit of looking and searching to find a new brand and style of hose that I like but I think I finally have. AND they have a control top. I cannot find a brand/style that I prefer that does not have a control top! Grrrrrrrrrr!
This is almost as traumatic as the time that Rave changed the formula for their hairspray a few years ago!!! I didn't think I would EVER find another brand of hairspray that I liked!!! I even wrote to Rave a few times to complain about the "new and improved" product they thought they had! AND the new fragance smelled like fish!!!!
Now I use Tresemme' 2 Gold and I love it but the price just keeps going up BUT rather than try to find a cheaper brand, I'll use the Tresemme' a bit more sparingly.
I know that I had several small things that I wanted to post about but for the life of me, I can't remember what they were! I know, I know......I need to write them down! *sigh* That is the story of my life!
One thing I've remembered that I do need to do is go take my Sunday afternoon nap before I run out of time!!! :-)
The End.


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Did you watch Project Runway?! I forgot that the season was already starting, but my lovely DVR didn't! I think it will be a fun season!

Mrs. NB

Theresa said...

While I don't particularly like the gloom we've been experiencing the last few days, I AM enjoying the little bit of warmth! I'll take rain over snow and ice ANY DAY!

I hate shopping for pantyhose! I'm like you, I don't like control-top, but that seems to be all that is made in larger sizes.

Jewel said...

Oh, but I did, Mrs. NB! Watch PR that is! I loooove that show! I don't always get fashion design, though, to be honest. As in Ping's design. What? Did I miss something?
I just like a nice covering of snow to brighten up the naked trees and soggy ground, that's all. :-) Is that too much to ask?
Yes, if I want to control my top, I'll do it my way, right? NOT with control top pantyhose. Hello. LOL