Saturday, January 09, 2010

It's all a blur......

You know, with the Christmas and New Year holiday weekends and now this crazy past week of school delays, early dismissals and cancellations, I don't know which end is up! OR what day it is!! Or on which day I did what!
Is anyone ELSE as confused as I am?!?!?! LOL
I'm thinking that it was on Friday (don't quote me on this!) that my friend Pam and I went to LJ's Coffee Shop for a late breakfast, as she didn't have school that day. I wasn't really hungry but thought I'd go have coffee with her at least, where we could catch up after not seeing much of eachother during the holidays. Well, upon looking at menu, I saw that they had mush. I loooove mush but haven' t had it for years, so I ordered some.
The waitress brought me this platter with three huge pieces of mush on it, butter and warm syrup.
The only problem was that it didn't look like any mush I had ever had.
BUT I thought I'd give it a try. It was hard or should I say "crusty" on the outside and mushy on the inside. Now I like my mush just a tad crusty on the outside but this stuff was HARD.
I tried everything to make it good. Slathered it with butter. Drenched it with syrup. Why, I even sprinkled some salt on it. Then a little sugar. Nothing. Not the slightest smidgen of improvement.
Soooooo, after I had hacked my way through eaten most of the first piece, I just pushed aside the rest of it and enjoyed my coffee, which was stronger than I like BUT, in spite of all of THAT, I was in good company and Pam and I had a great time of catching up! :-) So, all was not lost.
(Oh, the ice water was really refreshing. I'm just sayin'....)
Yesterday, Erin called and wanted to know if I wanted to go thrift-shopping at Volunteers of America with her and I said sure! Ed said he would watch Jaylon while we went!
Would you believe that I found an Izod flannel shirt and a Ralph Lauren flannel shirt for Ed? They were like new and I got them both for under $5!!!
We then swung by and picked up my sister Debbie who was suffering from cabin fever (okay, it was actually really-small-apartment-on-the-fifth-floor-of-a-highrise-fever) and headed for The Old Dutch restaurant for lunch. It was Erin's pick. They have a buffet that she really likes.
BUT, I'm sorry to say that the noodles and salad were the only things worth sinking your teeth into.
Now this is supposed to be one of THE best restaurants in the area, folks! And I know that it is January and business is slow but that is no excuse for the quality of the food that we had yesterday! BUT we took it in stride. (Oh, but I've taken alot of bad food in stride the past few days!)
The broasted chicken was dry and tasted like it had been cooked in old oil. The green beans and other vegetables were just bland.
Oh, but the real killer was the cake that came with the buffet?!
They brought it out to you when they saw that you were finished with the main part of your meal. If it had been any smaller, we would have needed a magnifying glass just to see it AND it was terrible! White, crumbly cake with a thin layer of the yuckiest tasting chocolate icing I've ever had!
BUT...would you believe that we were able to laugh about all of it??
It started with me saying something about being able to bake a better cake than that with one hand tied behind my back, with both eyes closed and it digressed from there. Somebody said something about standing on one leg.......:-)
Somehow....only the Lord knows......we had the best time and about laughed ourselves silly over it all! spite of the bad food, we left feeling better and having had a wonderful laugh!
And, yes, we left a generous tip, in spite of all the badness!
Last night, Ed and I just spent a cozy evening here at home watching episodes of Law and Order that I had DVR'd.
We had never watched Law and Order until New Year's weekend when USA had a L&A marathon. So, I thought I'd just record a few and see what they were like.
OKAYYYYY!!! We've found our new favorite show! :-)
But a couple of things I've noticed! There isn't much humor in these shows. No inter-personal relationships going on in the workplace. And these people do not eat or drink on the job! They are all business!!! We prefer the ones with Vincent D'Onofrio in them but they are all good. We just like his character. He's quirky.
This morning, I've accomplished some things that I've been meaning to do for a long time but have just put off for whatever reason: mending a shirt for Ed, sewing a pair of slacks for Daniel, de-pilling two throw pillows that I have on the sofa, chopping and freezing three bags of cooking onions that were given to me (I shed a tear or two over those!), de-hairing a comforter that I had let Ellie use for a bed during last summer and washing it and putting it away.
I also fixed breakfast and lunch for me and Ed and did my friend Pat's hair before coming here to the computer.
Now, I am going to go in and finish tidying up the kitchen, whereafter I am hoping to dust and reorganize the bookcase that sits here beside of my computer desk. Oh, but I have put THIS job off for months! Here's hoping I can get this done today! *fingers crossed*
And I close this post with, yes, you guessed it....a picture of the boy! :-) Okay, make that TWO pictures of the boy! :-) (You know how we grandmas can be!!! We can't just take ONE picture!)


Barbara H. said...

I'm glad you were able to laugh about the food! Good company can make everything more fun -- and I have a feeling most any outing with you would be fun. :-)

Joyce said...

Well that baby boy is just adorable! I'm sure you have lots of fun with him.

Congrats on the shirts-I love a good bargain!

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

Don't you just hate it when someone talks up a resturant, so you go there and get disappointed?

I love thrift stores too. Yesterday I went shopping for some skirts for MIL. I hit the 3 stores we have here and came away with 7 skirts for $10.

Pictures of grandkids are like Lays potato chips. You can't stop with just one.

Jewel said...

why thank you, Barbara! :-)
....and Joyce! :-) He is our little bundle....okay, maybe not so little anymore! He's getting so big! But we do love him to pieces!:-)

AND Sir! You are some special kind of SIL that you shop for your MIL! That is so great! And you DID get some bargains indeed!
You're so right about the pictures!

Theresa said...

Sorry about all the bad food episodes! Just glad noone came down with food poisoning! Ewww!

I meant to get into my sewing room this weekend, but we had David Riley and Eva from 5:30 a.m. Saturday until 4:30ish Sunday afternoon. No sewing! I have a few mending things to do, but I really need to get some maternity skirts made for Mistie. She's 6 months along now, and nothing really fits.

Jewel said...

Hey, Theresa! Thanks, we just had a couple of bad days of eating out, hm? Thankfully Ed wasn't along! He would have had a fit! :-)
Your sewing is such a blessing to your family and others! It is!
And I do understand not being able to get much done with little ones around! But who cares? :-) They'll only be this age for such a short time, so we gotta enjoy the moment!