Monday, January 18, 2010

Now I remember!

......a couple of the other things that I wanted to post about!
I took my sister Debbie to a doctor's appointment last Thursday. I also had Jaylon that day, so he went with us. Like he had a choice! :-) He is such a good little guy to take anywhere! He's just all smiles and so good-natured.
While Debbie was in with the doctor, Jaylon smiled and wooed those who were in the waiting room. :-) He was especially intrigued with one lady's wheelchair. He had been playing with the wheels on his stroller but was amazed at how big her wheels were. She told him that this was the natural life progression for some people......from the stroller to the wheelchair. It was touching to see Jaylon standing there holding onto her wheelchair, so precious.
When Debbie came out and we were preparing to leave, this sweet woman told us that it had made her day to have Jaylon come over and smile at her and spend some time with her and her wheelchair because she had been having some difficult days. Oh, and her husband had a long, untrimmed beard that Jaylon found intriguing, too, though he didn't go near it! :-)
When I have Jaylon out and about with me, I am still amazed at how a small child can brighten the day for so many people. It takes so little to brighten someone's day. I so want to make sure that I do just that, whether I have little Jaylon with me or not.
Speaking of Jaylon.......I haven't seen the little guy since last Thursday! And I am missing him ALOT!! Erin is off work today, so I am hoping to get my hands on him at some point in the day!! :-)
On our way home last Thursday, I drove through the CVS drive-through to pickup medicine for Debbie and when the window opened I was visually bombarded with more cleavage than a person should have to look at through a drive-through window! Oh my!!!
The young lady was sweet as could be, but did she have to display her gifts for everyone to see? AND she was bent over in order to talk to us sufficiently which didn't help to obstruct the view any. :-0 I've wondered if I should call and mention it to the manager but then I thought not because I seldom go to this particular store and so on.
I just don't understand the need to show cleavage. AND why mothers OR fathers would allow their daughters to leave the house dressed in such a manner. Which brings back the memory of me when I was a teenager and upon arriving at school, I would hurriedly go to the restroom and roll the waistband of my skirt up a couple of times to make it a little shorter, so I am well aware of the fact that parents do not always know EVERYTHING about their child's appearance when they are away from home! :-0
I guess I am just from the old school of thinking that if you are working with the public, while dressing fashionably, you should still dress modestly.
One day last week, Jaylon was playing in the cupboard where I keep my tupperware bowls and such. He pulled out a cottage cheese container that I had washed and kept. He drug it into the living room and commenced to playing with it by putting the lid on and taking the lid off, putting the lid on and taking the lid off, putting the lid on and.....well, you get the idea. I was sitting on the sofa and he was at my feet and as enthralled and intent as he was in playing with this simple object, I was just as enthralled that he could sit there for close to thirty minutes and do this simple task over and over again and find it sooooooo interesting. Occasionally, he would pick up a block, put it in the container and shake it noisily, only to go back to "lid on, lid off, lid on, lid off". Amazing. And I love it that little ones still find the simplest of things so much fun!

Some other tidbit that I had wanted to blog about faintly scurried through my thoughts awhile ago but, alas and alak! has disappeared into the abyss! :-/ It may be retrieved at some point during the remainder of my afternoon and if so, I will make a NOTE of it!


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

What a sweet post! That little guy sounds like such a joy! I love that you enjoy him so much!

Oh My on the cleavage! I am with you on that one!

Barbara H. said...

I am with you on the cleavage! Not everyone wants to see that -- and she probably really doesn't want to show it to the people who WANT to!!!

Love these stories of Jaylon.

Joyce said...

Oh those cheeks! He's a wonder you love taking him out and about.

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

It's amazing how something so simple can intertain a child for so long. Who needs toys when you've got cottage cheese containers? My wife will be the first to agree that simple things still facinate me.

Theresa said...

One day Eva spent about 45 minutes climbing in and out of her bumbo seat. She was enjoying herself so much, I almost hated to take it away so I could feed her in it!

Jaylon is so cute.