Tuesday, November 03, 2009

What to do!?!??!

Okayyyyyy.....if I am to continue this blogging, I figure I am going to have to start getting up at 4am to do it! Because.....once the boy gets here, I'm done for! Especially now that he is crawling! And is he ever a cute crawler!! :-)

I've endeavored to blog while he is napping but by the time HE is napping, I need a nap, too! :-/

Soooooo....I thought.....I'll blog after he goes home. BUT.....by then, I'm too weary to blog.

Orrrrr.....if I do log on to the internet......there's email to check, read, reply, etc. News to catch up on. Blogs to read and respond to. Facebook.

My blog ends up coming in last for some reason, where it used to be my priority. How did everything get so out of whack?

Oh yes.....the grandbaby. And he most certainly IS the priority! He is adorable! Wait until you see him in all of his cute-new-sleeper-adorableness!!! Coming soon to THIS blog and FB!!! :-)

Oh, and let me say....little Jaylon is such a good baby. He is! :-) And I am so thankful to the Lord for it!!! He will sit and play and entertain himself even at his young age! So it isn't that he is being bad that takes all of my time. I think it is just that I'm a TAD bit older and slower and endeavoring to take care of this bundle of lovableness the very best that I can!

My sisters and sisters-in-law took our sister Debbie out for her birthday dinner BEFORE she had her open heart surgery. We went to the local Bob Evans and had a wonderful time! Here is a picture of us afterward! Front row, from left to right: Me, Bev, Debbie Back row: SIL's Sandy and Cheryl

As we came out of the restaurant that evening, we were greeted by a breath-taking evening sky!

AND, speaking of Bob Evans....I had the Heritage Chef Salad and it is to die for!!! You might want to give it a try. After seeing it, the girls all wished they had gotten one, too!
Okay....I need to go do a couple of blog things that I've joined, so I'll post at ya later!!! :-) Have a great Tuesday!!!


Bethany said...

No can't tell you and mom and aunt deb are sisters at all...haha...you guys look more and more alike and more like grandma pete the older you all get :-)

And that sky was amazing! Sunsets never cease to amaze me!

Love you! We really need to get together BADLY! lol

Jewel said...

Hi Beth! Yes, we all seem to be morphing into each other and mom, hm? *smile*
Love you, too, Beth! Well, hopefully for Brian's birthday? or Christmas?
AND have I noticed a change in you of late? *smile*

Bethany said...

A change??? Hopefully a good one! lol