Monday, November 09, 2009

Fall Into Flavor!

Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee has been hosting Fall Into Flavor over HERE! Here is my recipe for the week and if you would like to join and share, please do!!!

My contribution this week is a recipe that I got from an Amish cookbook a few years ago and it is one of Daniel and Erin's favorites! Every time I ask them what they would like to eat it is always "Dutch Potatoes"!!!

Here's how you fix 'em!!

Dutch Potatoes
Scrub and bake 5-6 nice size potatoes.
Bake them in the microwave until done but not
too soft and mushy.
Remove the skins.
Melt a very liberal amount of butter or margarine
in a big skillet. Slice the potatoes and add
them to the skillet. Salt and pepper liberally.
Brown them thoroughly though don't get them too
crispy. You might need to add more butter/margarine.
Once you have them at the desired brownness,
sprinkle two or three tablespoons of flour
over the potatoes.
Next, pour one to two cups of milk over the potatoes and
slowly turn with a spatuala, mixing the flour and
milk together, which will make a gravy/sauce.
Add milk if you need to, to get the desired
Then cover all of this with a 2-cup package of
shredded cheddar cheese or another flavor of
shredded cheese that you like. I also put dots of butter on the
top and let it melt down through the potatoes along with the cheese.
My family prefers cheddar.
These are Daniel and Erin's favorite potatoes!
Oh, and this is not diet food!
You have been warned!


KD said...

diet - schmiet. These sound like real comfort food to me!

Jewel said...

Hi KD! Oh, it is the most wonderful of comfort foods! Warm gooey cheese and butter oozing down through the soft about yummy!!!! *sigh* Thanks so much for stopping by!! :-)