Friday, November 13, 2009


The weather, that is!!! It is warm and sunshiney today in SE Ohio!! I believe it is in the 70's, though I haven't had time to look at the thermometer.
Ed and I are going to put up Christmas decorations tomorrow. Yayyyy!! I know it is a tad early but we want to do it while the weather is nice.
Last year we did not put one decoration outside because I was still recovering from my surgeries and we just didn't feel like it BUT this year! We.have.the.boy!!!!! :-)
I don't know that I am going to put up a tree in the house this year though I will put up lights, garland and other decorations that he won't be able to reach easily. I just don't feel like struggling with keeping him away from a tree, lights, and ornaments. We'll see.
My sister Debbie is going home to her home today!! Isn't that just wonderful?!??! God is soooo good! She is doing so well! We've taken to calling eachother every morning like we used to before she had her surgery. I love her so much!!
Her youngest son, Shawn, lost his job as a truck driving-in-training because when her surgery was rescheduled they would not allow him to take the time off, so he quit. BUT, another trucking firm hired him and is going to finish training him! God is so awesome! Shawn had to quit a job that he had worked at for years because of some health problems but was eventually able to go to truck-driving school. Even in a bad economy and job market, our God is able!!
Our local football team, the Logan Chieftains, are playing their second play-off game tonight against Brookhaven from Columbus. We are undefeated while Brookhaven has a 9-2 record. Brookhaven is a top-notch team but we are looking for a great victory tonight! Daniel and Erin are going to the game with friends and Mawmaw and Pawpaw Dunnells will be taking care of little Jaylon tonight. He will have a ball!!!
AND the Buckeyes play Iowa tomorrow afternoon for the Big Ten title! Go Bucks!!
So it is indeed an exciting weekend of sports around here!!! :-)
Well, I am going to finish this up and get myself outside to enjoy the beautiful weather!! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! :-)


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

We are having beautiful weather, too! I can't get enough! Glad everyone is doing well!

How about that Project Runway?! I am loving this season! The girls are all so amazing. Lots of talent for certain!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

It's not a problem putting Christmas decorations up during 70 degrees in November. The problem is taking them down in 70 degrees in May!
Glad to hear everyone is doing well.

Bethany said...

You should take Jaylon to see "santa clause lane" to see the lights this year...i bet he'd love it! Nathen adored the Christmas lights when he was a baby, got so excited to see them all flashing :-)

Barbara H. said...

I am thankful for the warm weather as our furnace is still out and won't be fixed til Friday.

I think you're wise not to put a tree up and have to struggle to keep Jaylon away from it. Unless you have a table top or ledge high enough that he can't reach it and wide enough to hold one. Michael's and Hobby Lobby have miniature ones in varying sizes -- I got one for the dry sink in our dining room last year. Mini decorations, too!

I am so glad Debbie is doing well and that Shawn found another job.

Anonymous said...
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Jewel said...

Hey, Mrs. NB!!! Yes, I'm lovin' PR, too! And it's an ALL girls finale! I'm looking for Irina to win because she IS good even if she isn't the nicest of the three. She makes such luxurious looking clothing!
Did you happen to notice how bow-legged Logan is? Geez! :-)
Well, we usually manage to get ours down by the end of January, Sir! :-) Though the year Daniel as born (On Jan. 3) I didn't take my tree down until March! :-)
Where is Santa Claus Lane, Beth? We probably will take him to see lights! :-)
I'm still not sure about the tree but I remember we had one when Daniel was Jaylon's age and I survived it apparently?! :-) We'll see. I'm alot older, so I'm thinking it might be easier at this stage of the game to just say "no" to the tree! LOL
and thank you so much for your kind thoughts about Debbie and Shawn! God is so good!

Bethany said...

Where the gates to Logan are on the "good builders" end lol...don't know east/west/north/south...haha...when you go up into the area that has the "used to be" expensive homes and they used to decorate almost EVERY house with lights! Mom could probably tell you where it is better than me! lol
And why not put a little tree in the middle of your table? that's what mom did when Nathen was really little and getting into things :-)

Jewel said...

Ohhhh, you're talking about Terraceview Heights! It's TERRACEVIEW Heights, Beth! LOL
Now that's an idea! The tree in the middle of the table! I just may do that!

Bethany said...

haha i don't know the technical names of most places in logan...i remember them as my childhood names we called them! example: santa clause lane! lol