Sunday, November 08, 2009 the park.....

Wellll....yesterday.....I went to Miller Park in Lancaster to watch my great-niece Chloe cheer with her squad in a cheerleading expo. Chloe is a sweetie! AND a very good cheerleader! I like to think that she inherited her cheerleading abilites from me as I was a cheerleader 7-11 grades!!! Yayyy!! *smile* (Makes me ache just to think about the moves I used to be able make...*groan*)

Anywayyyy......moving right along.....afterwards, I went to April's house to see my sister Debbie who is doing maaahhhvelously after her surgery!! She is planning to return home on the 20th!

At three o'clock, Debbie and I headed back to Miller Park to watch her grandson-my great-nephew, Cade play in his championship football game.

We sat UP on the sidewalk and watched the game which was DOWN a short ways in this little valley-like park but it was close so that we didn't have any difficulty seeing the game or players. Our spot was great for watching the game but there was a stiff, cold wind blowing right at us! That wind had my hair blowing straight back! I could have won a Don King impersonation contest!!! My forehead hasn't had that much exposure in years!!! Egads!!!

And have I ever told you that you could show home movies on my forehead? It's just that white AND high! AND my forehead actually got cold! I was freezing and it isn't used to being exposed to the elements like that!

BUT, in spite of the wind and all, we had a great time even though Cade's team lost.

Chloe is a cheerleader for the team that was playing against Cade's so after the game was over, they were all in the middle of field for trophy presentations so Debbie asked me if I would take her back to April's. Of course, I said yes because I wanted to get home before it was dark.

Sooooo, we pull into April's and Debbie just remembers that she doesn't have a key but maybe they left a door unlocked.

Soooooo, I checked the front door....locked. I checked the back door.....locked. So, I walked ALLLL the way back around the house to the car. Debbie says, "Did you check the garage door?" Nooooooo. Soooo, I walk ALLLLL the way back around the house to check the garage door. It was unlocked!!!! BUT...the house door was locked! Rats!

Sooooo, I just go back to the car and we decide to wait for someone to come and let us in. I mean, what choice do we have, right? I didn't have my cellphone.
We're listening to the Ohio State game when Debbie tells me that she has her cellphone but she thinks it is almost dead. I try to call April but she doesn't answer, which I should have known she wouldn't because she's involved in the trophy presentation back at the park. So, I get the idea of calling her daughter, Kaitlin, because teenagers always have their cellphones at the ready, BUT just as I'm dialing, the phones dies!!!!! Argh!

Once again, we just decide to wait for someone to come home. I put first dibs on the bathroom when we DO get in the house!

We waited for almost an hour but we did enjoy listening to the game and just relaxing. I finally arrived home at about 6:30pm.

Debbie and I always manage to have an adventure! :-)

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Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

So glad to hear that your sister is feeling better! :0)

Mrs. Nurse Boy