Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday's Random Musings!

Mrs. Nurse Boy at Poop On Jelly hosts a Monday Random Musings at her blog and here are my few musings!!

Little Jaylon is home with his Mommy today as he has been running a fever since yesterday morning. We aren't sure if it is because he is cutting more teeth or what but I will let you know when we find out anything. I can't wait to hear how he is doing this morning. Here is a picture of the little guy that I took last Friday!

That's a picture of him taking a bath in grandma's sink! :-) He loves splashing all around so I had to let some of the water out! :-)
Ed and I have all of our outside Christmas decorations up!!! They look sooooo pretty!! We had so much fun doing this together! Used to, I did all of the outside decorating myself because he just wasn't into it but as the years have passed he has begun helping, especially as I got to the place where I couldn't any longer.

Last year, we didn't even put up as much as a single red bow or light because I was recovering from my hip surgeries but this year!!!! Woweeeee!!!! We've got it ALL gussied up!!!!!! *smile* Especially because of little Jaylon and it being his first Christmas!!

And I've always felt that having some outside decorations up is my way of saying Merry Christmas to those driving by and to our neighbors. I'll post some pictures later!

I haven't seen little Jaylon since last Friday and I am missing him. *sigh* Hopefully, I will get to see him today and cuddle him a little.
I am taking my sister Debbie to pick up her food from the monthly give-a-way at Smith Chapel. She is doing remarkably well in her recovering. She still isn't smoking and has no desire to! Thank you, Jesus!
The Ohio State Buckeyes beat Michigan!!!!! Yayyyyy!!!! It was a good game, though we could have played better but a win is a win, especially over Michigan!!
Too bad the Bengals lost! :-( and they were on such a good streak!
My oldest nephew, Brian, turns 40 today!!! I have a nephew that is 40!!!! doesn't seem possible! But it is and he is a great guy. He has been through some really difficult times the past two or three years, but God has been faithful and Brian is still standing! Here he is with his three precious sons!

And here is Jaylon and Mommy have a cute moment at Olive Garden last week when they took me out for my birthday! :-)

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Stace said...

Ohhh that baby is just adorable!!! I bath Elspeth in our bathtub, and she loves splashing around in it :)