Monday, March 03, 2008

Ed and I are continuing to teach a weekly bible study to two men who have been coming to church for about a year. They are two of the sweetest guys you would ever want to meet. And they are so hungry to know all that they can about the Lord. They are so faithful to church and always sit on the third row. It is such a privilege to share the riches of the word of the Lord with them. They are taking Ed and me out to dinner before church on Wednesday evening, so we are looking forward to that, of course! Bill is in his late forties and divorced, while Doug is in his seventies and a widower. They are best friends. Doug reminds me alot of my father. He is just the greatest guy. Bill started coming to church with his daughter and a short while later started bringing Doug with him. They just want to help with any thing that they can at church. It is inspiring to see their love for the Lord, His word and the church. I'll try to get a picture of them posted here in the next few days and yes, I'll be sure to ask them if it is alright. *grin*
I've got a new physical problem that I am dealing with that has aggravated my back even more. It isn't anything terribly serious, meaning it can be taken care of in time with minor surgery....well, I believe it will be minor, but it has caused my pain level to really elevate and my walking ability to be impaired even more, which is not good. This is one of the reasons that I have not been posting much here. It's taking most of my time and efforts to just do the necessary things here at home and church and I just don't want to have to ask Ed to do any more than necessary, though he doesn't mind. There are no words to adequately describe how wonderful he is to me, even if he does make fun of me and tease me sometimes. *smile* But this is a good thing because he keeps me laughing. Sometimes I feel sorry for him because there isn't much that he can do to help alleviate my pain and so on and he feels kind of helpless, but it's enough to know that he is always there for me, you know?
We have had two absolutely gorgeous days, weatherwise, today and yesterday. Oh, but the sunshine and warmth has been so welcome but it isn't going to last. Tomorrow it is supposed to turn colder and start raining. We take the good with the bad, hm? *smile*
We went to Daniel and Erin's a couple of weeks ago and I got a really good picture of Max,their bald python, our grand-snake. LOL Here he is laying in the sun on the arm of the sofa:

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