Monday, February 25, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes

Antique Mommy has a wonderful blog HERE! This particular post caused me to recall a precious memory I have of me and Daniel. When he was just a baby until he was a toddler, I would put him in the bath tub with me and we would have fun bathing, blowing bubbles and just playing while taking our bath. This also saved me a little time. Well, when he got a little older, I thought the time had come to kind of make a change in this area and start giving him his baths by himself. But one night, as I was running his bath water, he begged and begged me to take a bath with him. I thought: "Ohhhh, he wants to blow bubbles and do all of the fun stuff we usually do." But I told him, "Daniel, Mommy is going to give you your bath with just you in the tub,k?" To which he replied, "Mommy, please get in 'cause you make the water go up realllll high!!!" (Being interpreted, that means I take up ALOT of space, right? *feeble grin* I got in. And the water went up. )


Rochelle said...

LOL!! That is funny! Out of the mouth of babes is sooooo appropriate here! Sounds like something my child would have said!

Catherine Roseberry-Meyer said...

Yep! Remember these times!
An old song from my childhood said that "When you love, you don't count".
BTW I visit "Antique Mommy" but do not leave comments anymore. Think I'll go look.

Jewel said...

Hi Rochelle.....yes, those were such wonderful times and I'll always cherish them! How is the running going?
Hi Catherine.....yes, when we truly love we do willingly overlook many things,hm? Yes, AM is a gifted writer for sure! I hope you are doing well!

Stace said...

That reminds me of one of my little moments as a kid... I saw my mother in the bathroom and I told her, very helpfully I thought, that the make-up she was wearing made her look old. She replied "I'm not wearing any make-up!" Ooops!!!

Jewel said...

Oh my, Stace!!! LOL That is funny!! Though I'm sure your mother didn't think so,hm? *grin*