Monday, March 24, 2008

The Great Flood

Ed and I took a drive the other night to look at all of the high water in the area. Rt. 33 East was closed for most of the day yesterday just this side of Nelsonville because of flooding. So the traffic was rerouted to 328 to 56 to 278 back to 33 at last. I felt so sorry for many of the people who were having to take this detour. Of course, Ed and I are very familiar with it BUT if you aren't? Well, you would probably think .......well, I'm not sure what you would think but these secondary roads are nothing but hills and curves and dips and more curves and hills and more dips.....unbelievably curvy, hilly, and dippy roads. *grin* Ed said there was a guy driving a Lexus behind him and someone in an Accura in front of him and he said you could tell they were totally out of their element driving-wise. Here are some pics of the high water. A couple of them were taken as we were driving down 33 as it rained so they are kinda blurry but you get the picture. The other was taken the next day after the rain had stopped and it was actually a beautiful day even though the water was still so high. The one good thing about all of the rain is that the water table levels are up where they should be after a near-drought last summer, but I am ready for spring! *smile*

So, Friday was a beautiful day even though it was chilly. Then on Saturday we had rain, snow, ice pellets, was frightfully cold and wet and yucky. AND yesterday morning.....Easter Sunday morning, it was TWENTY DEGREES here in our little valley! Yikes!!! Did I feel like wearing something pastel, light and airy to church? *grin* BUT, I do have this really pretty jacket that is pastel-colored and pretty heavy. It is also nylon-lined, making it really warm. The spring wardrobe is going to have to wait awhile longer to be brought out.
Last night at church, we had Bro. and Sis. Malik, who are missionaries to Pakistan. Ed and I just really connected with Bro. and Sis. Malik and shared a wonderful time of fellowship with them. Sis. Malik gave her personal testimony during the service, telling how she came to find the Lord and it resonated so with me and how I found the Lord. We talked afterward about how that many people see us and just think that we have been in the church all of our lives but not so and how we don't want to forget where the Lord brought us from and all that He has done in our lives. He has been so faithful and compassionate to us through the years. It is so wonderful when you meet sweet people like the Maliks and feel such a spiritual kinship with them immediately. They are staying in Mt. Vernon this week while travelling around the area. I told them that Pastor Kramer was my former youth pastor and that the saints in Mt. Vernon are awesome, which they truly are! (I miss you all!!) Ed and I are just going to have to find the time to come up for a visit!


Barbara H. said...

Even though it's not nearly that cold here, it still doesn't feel springy yet, and I haven't gotten my spring clothes down from the attic yet either.

I have another bunny joke for you that used to me one of my oldest's favorites as a child, but I just remembered it last night:

What do you get when you pour hot water down a rabbit hole?
Hot cross bunnies.

J.D. Scorpio said...

Hey Jewel…!!!:
I really enjoyed your visit! Yep Tersie is one of my Favorites! Anyway, I did a little tip-toeing through your place and found some good pictures of a bad situation. Back in 1983 my house flooded down in Southwest Louisiana and that was NO fun at all. It was just 6” of water inside, but that was bad enough!
Check out the pictures of our home place on my blog? Oh, and you are welcome to visit any time you like and tell Ed hello for me. Have a great day……. JD

Jewel said...

LOL....I love the little jokes, Barbara! They are right down my alley! Thank you, thank you!

Hi JD! I'll be back to have a look around your blog some more. I love your blog! We've never had water in our house thankfully. I can't even imagine what that would be like.