Monday, December 24, 2007

Only In Ohio

Soooo....yesterday morning, Sunday, when we got up, it was 54 degrees, cloudy and raining. When we got home from church, it was 41 degrees, sunshiney, and the wind was tearing through the valley. Last night, when we got home from church, it was 29 degrees and snow-flurrying. You want weather? Come to Ohio. *smile*
I am feeling much better, though I still have some chest congestion and the pain level in my lower body has been pretty fierce, BUT I must push that aside and get some things accomplished today. It's Christmas Eve! *smile* Actually, the only thing I REALLY HAVE to do is get groceries. AND pick up a couple of stocking stuffers. But I love to be in the stores on the day before Christmas. That has always been a tradition of, Ed and Daniel, though now it is just me and Ed. I just think there is such a wonderful Christmasy feeling all about on this day. After I finish posting here, I am going to get ready and go to Sis. Pam's new apartment. She invited me up this morning for coffee and the grand tour. *smile* Her youngest son and his family are up from Florida and her oldest son is getting married on New Year's Eve day! Her oldest son just came back to the Lord about three months ago AND his wife-t0-be! There has not been a service go by for as long as I can remember that Pam has not requested prayer for her children and loved ones and the Lord has been answering these prayers. Both of her sons and their families have come to the Lord during the last two years. It has been so awesome!
We had our Christmas program yesterday morning. It was so wonderful! What is a Christmas program without tinsel angels???? *grin* AND they left quite a trail of tinsel behind them, too!! *smile* I know, because I helped clean it up! LOL I sang one of the most beautiful songs yesterday morning. Oh, not because I sang it.....sheesh....*grin*.....but it is just such a lovely song. It is called "He Made A Way In A Manger". I'm not even sure where or how I found it. I think it was on the internet somewhere and then I went to the library and listened to it alot on youtube, until I got it down. I am not sure of our exact attendance but it was very close to 150, which is just wonderful! There was such a wonderful sweet presence of the Lord there in our midst! I remember telling Ed yesterday as we were in the car pulling out of the church parking lot that I just felt so good in my spirit and body and all. And that felt so good after having been so sick all week. The Lord is good.
Well, my dear blog readers, I will try to get back into the swing of things here and get to posting more often, okay? But for now, I must be on my way! It's that most wonderful time of the year!!! *smile* May the Lord bless you one and all!!!
Here's the youtube video of He Made A Way In A Manger! Enjoy!


Tersie said...

oooh! the weather this past weekend was insane! I spent the weekend in Columbus. Saturday was gorgeous, I had a light jacket on over a long sleeved shirt and was actually on the verge of too warm. Sunday, we went shopping (I failed to bring a jacket) and I froze! My fault for not remembering that I do, in fact, live in Ohio where the weather will make a drastic change every 12 hours! hehehe

Jewel said...

We just never know what to expect, do we, Tersie? *smile* I about froze Sunday afternoon and evening, too! The weather for the past three days has been wonderful,hm?

~Tr@cy~ said...

Hope you are feeling better and had a nice Christmas!

Rochelle said...

Hope you are 100% soon! Enjoy that Ohio weather! :)

Jewel said...

Hi Tracy and Rochelle....I am much better but now I am having trouble connecting to the internet at home. I am at the library now, so that is why I am on here. Thanks so much for your concern! ((HUGS))