Saturday, December 01, 2007


Sooooo, I was watching channel 4 weather this morning and those of you who live north of Columbus might be getting some nasty stuff later today. Anywayyyy, pretty soon here came my sweet husband down the hallway singing:
"Oh, Darlin', let it rain, let it snow,
Let the cold north wind blow,
Just as long as you love me,
North or South, East or West,
You know our love stands the test,
Just as long as you love me."

Wow. I got tears in my eyes and got all choked up as he came over to where I was sitting and finished singing it to me. Has the Lord blessed me or what? *tears* I could not ask for more. It has been worth every struggle and difficult time that we've had through the years to now experience the love that we share. I just want to tell some young -married person out there: I know it can be so rough during the early years as you both are finding your way and endeavoring to "become one" but don't give up. Commit your way and your marriage to the Lord, do what is right, keep a right attitude when it is the most difficult, cast all of you care on the Lord and He will see you through the difficult times. And you will be blessed. God will come through for you. You can have the marriage and relationship that you desire. If you will allow the Lord to change you, you will see a change in your spouse. I know this to be true because it has happened in our lives and marriage. For so long, I kept waiting for Ed to change into the husband I wanted him to be but when I finally (with the help of a loving mentor and counselor) realized that the only one I could change was ME, submitted myself to the Lord and allowed Him to change some not-so-great-things about ME (and yes, there were quite a few AND still are. I'm a work in progress. *feeble grin*), that was when we began to have the blessed relationship that we both had hoped for. Now, all of these years later, it has been worth it all. I look back at the early years when I thought I had to be right or I knew what was best or it had to be my way or no way (can you believe I was ever like that? *grin*), well, I wish I had learned those lessons sooner, BUT I did learn them. I gave up my right to be right a long time ago. It just doesn't matter. It isn't worth it. I can still remember one of the first times when we started to have ANOTHER argument, probably started because I thought I just HAD to be right. BUT I backed away and did not challenge him as I would normally do. But instead, I turned away and let the tension subside. And the most amazing thing happened. He did the same thing. And HE apologized to ME for the misunderstanding and then I apologized to HIM because I was the one who was really at fault and, well, that was the beginning of learning to do what is right. It is just that simple. I'm not saying I wasn't probably still "chomping at the bit" inside but now when we find ourselves starting into an argument, we catch ourselves.....we both do, which is amazing....there was time a time when I NEVER thought I'd see the day.....and we won't allow it to escalate. It just isn't worth it. Our relationship matters so much more than winning some argument. " much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men." That includes our spouses. *grin* The Lord truly blesses when we obey His word and apply it to our lives.
Oh, that is part of an old Buck Owens song up there. *smile*
AND......some of the best gifts are not things at all. I've always wanted to go to the Nazarene Church and see their Christmas Cantata Drama which they host every year, but for some reason or another have not been able to. Well, last night, Friday, they performed AND my sweet husband took me!! Now, he does not particularly care for these sorts of things so I usually go with a girlfriend but EVERYONE busy, and he KNOWS how much I love these sorts of things, so I was sooo HAPPY that he would take me, especially considering that he was gone, on the road, driving most of the day yesterday. Yet, he came home, showered and then headed right back out on a chilly evening to take me to this cantata. We had a wonderful evening and were home by 8:30. And, now, here I sit all teary-eyed, blogging about it. It is just that I am so thankful for my sweet husband. God has been so good to me and to us. AND that was my FIRST Christmas gift this year. *teary smile* May each of you have a wonderful and blessed Saturday! I'm off to fix breakfast for my hubby!! (After I blow my nose, wipe my eyes, wash my know the drill! LOL)


Linda Elms said...

This is such a SWEET post! It sounds like you have a wonderful husband. Although I do not know have me convinced! :) Maybe someday I will meet you both! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Jewel said...

Hi, Sis. Elms, yes, the Lord has truly blessed me with a special husband. It would be so wonderful to meet you and all of the precious people I have met here since I've begun blogging! Merry Christmas to you and your family, too!! ((HUGS))