Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's the most busiest time of the year!

Okay, so I know that that isn't proper grammar usage up there but it just seemed to say it correctly for me TODAY! *whew* It is now 6:25am and I am waiting for a dear friend to arrive at 6:40am to have her hair done. I have quite a list of things to accomplish today. I just hope my body will cooperate. *sigh* It has been quite a painful past few days. Since getting the beautiful snow last week, which I believe was on Wednesday, it has been cold, rainy, foggy, and just plain dreary.....every day. Wait. I believe there was ONE day that the sun managed to peek through but it was only momentary. I'm thinking that the weather is contributing quite a bit to my pain level. But it's Christmas and I have so much to do and I need my bones to cooperate here! "The hurrier I go, the behinder I get!", it seems.
The weather has been wreaking havoc on my outside Christmas decorations! First, the wind took off with a few of them, but we recovered them and put them back in place. THEN, over the weekend, the snow came sliding off of the roof and knocked a few of them off but they have been recovered and put back in place.
On our country road here, we have our house decorated, as does our neighbor, Samantha, and then her mother, Tracy. Well, as you come around the bend where our house sits in its little valley, you can see Samantha's and Tracy's house, too, and it looks like Christmas Tree Lane! *smile*
For those of you who live in this area: Someone who lives on St. Rt. 93 South has a wonderful light display. It is on a hillside to the right, right before you get to Bear Run Road. They have written out "Jesus Is the Reason For the Season" in white lights below a large cross made of white lights. It is just beautiful and surely took alot of work! It is worth the drive out to see. Also, just beyond Union Furnace in what we always called Stringtown, past the fire department, Jerry and Doris McKnight have a wonderful light display. They live on the right side of the road. We drive down every year to see it! There are numerous animated light displays. It, too, is well worth the drive whether you have little children or not! We grown-ups like the lights, too, hm? *smile*
Well, it is about time for my hair appointment to arrive so I must be off!! Happy Holidays to all!!!


Theresa said...

Ross and I always drive around on Christmas Eve to look at the lights in our community. It's so much fun!!

Ross and I opted not to do any outside decorating this year. I can't climb ladders, and he's getting ready to have his 2nd knee surgery on Fri. so we decided he probably would not feel like climbing ladders to take them down.

We have enjoyed the pics of your place. Sorry that the weather is giving you fits! ;)

Linda Elms said...

If I was "in your area" I'm sure I would be driving to the places you mentioned to see all the beautiful lights. I hope you start feeling better SOON! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Jewel said...

Hi Theresa....hey, perhaps Ed and I will do that this year...drive around on Christmas Eve and look at the lights. We've looked at some already but this could be our grand finale! *smile* Knee replacement on Friday? Right before Christmas? A friend of mine just had knee replacement surgery Monday. I will be praying for you all that all goes well. ((HUGS))

Thank you, Sis. Elms. I would appreciate your prayers. ((HUGS))