Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Music Website

I happened upon this Christmas music website where you can just listen to music or download it for free. It has most any Christmas song that you can imagine, but there are a few that might be more than a little questionable, so I wanted you to know,k? But most of them are fine. Happy Holidays!


Rochelle said...

Good to know... I'll check it out!

Erin said...

Hi Rochelle....I was at the library yesterday when I found this website and I was able to download the songs but here at my son's house, where they have dsl, I've not been able to for some reason.

Stace said...

If I hear one more Christmas song, I'm going to go crazy!!! haha

Jewel said...

Okay, first let met say that I have no idea why my comment to Rochelle up there says "Erin"! That's kind of weird!
Anywayyy....I'm kinda with you, Stace. Sheesh! My three favorite stations started playing Christmas music a week before Thanksgiving! Give me a break! Why not perhaps one every three songs or so? I'll at least give them that but nooooooo....every song, every day through Christmas until I just want to....well, I don't know. BUT, because I am music director at church, I do listen to alot of music and at this time of year, that means "Christmas" music. And I really don't mind. I found a beautiful song, "He Made A Way In the Manger" which I just love, but when I am not listening to or working on music for church, I don't listen to much music. I like the quiet, the silence. Sometimes when we are coming home from church, Ed will ask me why I am so quiet. It is because I have sung and played music all morning or evening and I'm ready for the quiet, to be quiet. *smile* I love music and playing and ministering, I just have to have breaks from it, you know? *smile*
((HUGS)) to you, Stace!!