Tuesday, December 04, 2007

And nowwww...for your viewing pleasure!

Here are the animals! *smile*
First, we have Heidi and her new puppies:

Heidi is such a good mother. She is a sweetie!
Secondly, we have the leopard lizards:

Now, their names are Crazy and Lazy and one is a male and the other is a female, but don't ask me which is which. *smile*

And lastly, but not leastly, we have Max, the bald python:

Believe it or not, Max does have some personality and he IS a cuddly little critter. Erin, Daniel and Brian just love him. It's taking me a liiittttllllleee while to warm up to the creepy crawler but it may happen in time.

Also, Rocky, our lab, got a 4-point buck last week. :-) I looked out the kitchen window Saturday morning as I was doing dishes and here he came dragging this, this "thing" into the yard and lo, and behold, if it wasn't a deer head with the antlers still intact. He has had more fun playing and chewing with this thing. It is now gone, so I imagine that he probably buried it somewhere, only to dig it up at a later date and enjoy it some more. :-)


Stace said...

This is really making me miss pets! We're not allowed to have any in our rented unit, but living with my parents I have a cat and a dog. We had goldfish but they died. And as I said earlier, I'd really like something cool and unusual, the lizards and the snake are so awesome. I once inspected an apartment I was going to rent, and the owner had a snake she kept in there in a big glass case, that was cool.

Jewel said...

Well, we've been a bit skeptical about the kids having so many pets at one time, but they are young, they rent from her parents, so we figure they should enjoy this time in their young married life and they certainly are! *smile* Because when babies begin to come, the animals might have to go, at least to some degree, I would think. I couldn't imagine life without at least a dog or kitty, Stace. They do add alot of enjoyment and company,hm?

Stace said...

I found out last night my dog is going to be put down :( Check my blog for details...

Jewel said...

Oh no....I'll go right now and read, Stace. ((HUGS))