Friday, December 28, 2007

I Can't Think of a Title!

Soooo, I'll just put up a quick, non-titled after-Christmas post! Well, first of all, I am all better after having a terrible head and chest cold and all that goes along with that! Yuck!
On Christmas Eve, Ed and I baked cookies! And then we went to see Christmas lights. It was such a sweet evening together. Christmas morning, Daniel and Erin came up and we exchanged gifts and they opened their stockings. They left in the early afternoon and I made chicken and noodles to take to Erin's aunt and uncle's house where the Pullin family all gathers for dinner. Bro. and Sis. James joined us this year and we had a wonderful time!! We had a delicious bountiful dinner around Dale and Darlene's humonguous table and then some of us played games, which I love to do!! We came home at about 7pm, having spent a wonderful day with our children, family and friends.
The next day, Wednesday, Ed had to work, taking his kids to REACH and I didn't do much of anything as the pain level had spiked. I was hoping to go to church with Daniel and Erin as our service was cancelled in Logan, but I just couldn't do it, but Ed went.
Yesterday, I made some delicious ham salad with the leftover Christmas ham and also fixed stir-fry for our dinner.
Today, I was up early and went for a massage. It was wonderful! And now I am at the library, catching up on some blog reading as my computer will not connect to the internet for some unknown reason. I have tried everything. It is probably just some little glitchy thing as most of you computer owners knows just happens sometimes for no good reason. I just don't like calling tech support because I usually have to talk to someone that I can't understand and it is so frustrating. How many times can you reasonably ask someone to repeat themselves. But I really have no choice.
So, I am off to get myself home as I have a lady coming at one to have her hair done and then I will bite the bullet and call tech support. *sigh*
I hope your holidays have been peaceful and good. May the New Year bring you blessings that you cannot contain! I'll do my best to get back into the swing of things here on my blog! Thanks so much to all of you who have been faithful visitors. I look so forward to your visits and comments. The Lord's best to each of you!! ((HUGS))

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