Friday, November 02, 2007

1st Church Chili Cook-off

It all started with my friend, Laura. She told me about their church's chili cook-off and how much fun it was. She then suggested that our church have one. Sooooooo.......I thought: Why not?
Welllllll.....I never dreamed everyone would get so excited about it! I asked Pastor Martin if I could organize an afternoon get-together for the married couples and adults and how about if we have a chili cook-off? He gave me the old thumbs up and I made the appropriate announcements, had it put on the multi-media, and put a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board. But I just never dreamed that everyone would get so excited about it. Well, part of it might be attributed to the fact that a generous soul at church has put up $100 for the first prize chili winner! *smile* BUT, I have been reminding everyone that is is for FUN and fellowship. I've been having a little difficulty getting people to be judges because everyone I talk to wants to enter. Soooooo, I am waiting for the last person to call me today about being a judge and if she says yes, I have my three judges. Even dear going to make crockpot of chili and he hasn't made chili in the twenty-one years that I have known him! This should be so much fun.....really!!!! There are also several friends and family members of those who attend First Church who are going to participate! Isn't that great?

Well, I hope I can pull this all off. *sigh* Well, I will be able to because I have some wonderful people helping me and that is the only way it can be done. I'm reminded of that old Sunday School song:

"If we all pull together, together, together,

If we all pull together, how happy we'll be,

For your work is my work and our work is His work,

If we all pull together, how happy we'll be."

Soooo.....I will be busy this week getting it all together for this momentous occasion which is taking place on Saturday, November 10 at 3pm in the fellowship hall of First Church Praise and Worship Center! May the best chili-maker win!!! *smile*


Theresa said...

MMMM, chili is one of my favorite foods!! I hope the contest goes well. If it weren't for the fact that Liz hijacked that day from me about 2 months ago, I might be tempted to enter the contest myself. (Besides which, I would enjoy getting to spend some time with you!) Have fun!

Jana Dolan said...

I can be a willing victim, I mean volunteer. I looove chili! Have fun!

; - )

Carrie said...

Chili cook offs are SO much fun!! Good luck with yours :)

By the way, I'm doing a giveaway at my blog. Come and see!

God bless :)

Liz said...

sounds like an annual event in the making! tonight is our church bonfire, and we have 3 different kinds of chili coming. Pastor makes the best because it's cincy style ... yum!!

(besides, my mom's chili would win and she doesn't even go to your church)

LJoyE said...

Jewel, I would love to be at your chili cook-off! It's going to be so much fun! Be sure and post about it so we can know what all happened. I'll be waiting. :) Have fun and don't stress too much.

Jewel said...

Hi Everyone! Thanks for stopping by!
Theresa, I just keep finding more and more out about you! You love chili! It would be great if you could join us!
And you, too, Jana!
I'll be right over, Carrie, and I hope our cook-off is fun! *smile*
You're so funny, Liz! So your mom makes the best chili,hm? *grin*
Well, I would love to have you, Sis. Elms! Really! I will be sure and post pictures and all!

Tersie said...

How exciting! I hope it goes well. I love chili anyway! And you know everyone thinks their own chili recipe is the absolute BEST! ;) I know mine is! hehe!!

Jewel said...

LOL Well, I would love to taste your chili and everyone else's, Tersie!! BUT....I'm afraid my digestive system just won't let me eat too much chili. At least not really spicy chili. Hey, would you mind sharing your chili recipe? Mine is pretty simple and not too spicy so perhaps I'll post it here!